Course Syllabus


COURSE NAME: Core Construction, HVAC

INSTRUCTOR NAME: Mr. Michael Medlin

CLASS ROOM: Parkwood Air Building

OFFICE HOURS: 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.


Course Description


Core will help build a foundation of skills for the construction industry.  Students will have the opportunity to be certified by NCCER in their core curriculum and by OSHA with a safety credential.  This course is a prerequisite for the A/C I class.  If a student receives the NCCER core certification it will transfer to any UCPS construction course, and to many community colleges throughout the state of North Carolina.


Grading Procedures


Grades will consist of Quizzes, Labs, Paycheck Grades, Module Tests, and Classwork.  Students’ grades will be determined by a total points scale.  (Total Points Earned / Total Points Possible).  Classwork will be 20% , Module Tests will be 20%, Labs will be 20%, Paycheck 20% and Quizzes 20%. The Final Exam will be 25%of the final grade.




Grades will be given as a paycheck. In the construction industry your paycheck has “deductions” for work not completed to satisfaction. The students job in this class is to follow all the rules, and complete all assigned work with craftsmanship. Just like in the real world if your job is not completed to satisfaction your paycheck will be deducted from, so too will your notebook grade be deducted from in my class by me if you are not working to my satisfaction.


Attendance Recovery Policy


If a student is absent for 8 or more days in my class and is “recovering “ the absence. The student must let me know at least 3 days before recovering time so I can prepare a recovery packet. The recovery packet will consist of 10 essay question per day missed that must be completed with 80% accuracy in order to be eligible to recover my class


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