Course Syllabus

Central Academy Physical Fitness & Weight Lifting Syllabus


Teacher: Jeff Edwards                                                                 Email:



  • Safety in the weight room
  • Muscle identification
  • Muscle, Speed and Power Development
  • Techniques of Squat, Bench Press, Power Clean and Hang Clean lifts
  • Auxiliary muscle lifts
  • Speed and Conditioning
  • Vertical Jump/Shuttle Run/40 yd. Dash
  • Max Outs/Tests


Students will assessed every 5th week on the following:

Bench Press, Squat, Hang Clean, Power Clean, Vertical Jump, Shuttle Run, and 40 yd. Dash



Participation & Dress Out - 80%               Max Outs/Assessments – 20%


Class Expectations

  • Come to class prepared with proper dress out clothes and shoes.
  • To dress out and participate. It  was your choice to sign up for weightlifting
  • If you can’t participate due to sickness, a doctor’s note is required within the next 24 hours or points will be lost. NO PARENT NOTES CAN BE ACCEPTED.
  • RESPECT!!  This is the most important expectation in the classroom.  I expect EVERYONE to respect themselves, others, and property at all times.
  • Students are expected to lock valuables in an assigned locker.

Class Procedures

  1. When students come into the gym area, you are to sit and remain quiet while attendance is taken.
  2. Students will then be released to dress out
  3. After dressing, students will go to the gym or outside for dynamic stretching
  4. Students will then go into the weight room, have a seat, and wait on instruction.
  5. Students will learn what the objective is for the day and begin the workout.
  6. Students are allowed to bring water and get water during class.


Course Summary:

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