Course Syllabus

Yearbook Syllabus and Contract

Updated 7-21-17

Course Description   

Yearbook is an elective course that gives students marketable experience in print media publishing. This course works toward the completion and selling the Central Academy Yearbook. Yearbook is different from every course taught at this school in that it is a real business, maintaining a financial account, that must balance-out at the end of term.

This course is designed to provide   students the opportunity to work with advanced technology, strengthen their analytical and problem-solving skills, improve their communication skills, and manage responsibility. The following goals and standards provide more detail:

Long Range Goals and Standards

  • Demonstrate knowledge of elements of yearbook design by developing layouts that are reflective of current trends and good composition.
  • Demonstrate organizational and time management skills by meeting deadlines completely, correctly, and timely.
  • Develop professional business techniques through advertising sales.
  • Develop composition techniques in photography and use them to take effective pictures
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic business concepts and apply them to the management and distribution of the yearbook.
  • Use journalistic style to write copy, captions, and headlines.
  • Develop interpersonal skills as they learn to work together as a team.
  • Yearbook Management students will be expected to demonstrate advanced skills in the above areas as well as leadership in the classroom.

Expectations of Yearbook Staffers

Being a member of a publication staff is a privilege that requires a great deal of responsibility. Staffers will meet the following expectations:

  • Follow all school rules and policies at all times. Demonstrate responsible conduct in all classes and at all school events.

  • Demonstrate positive and cooperative attitudes toward the adviser, fellow staffers and others in the school/community. This includes demonstrating a willingness to do more than just what is required of them.


  • Safely and correctly handle all equipment and materials associated with the publication process (cameras, pictures, computers, ads, scanners, etc.)
    • All equipment and media are the property of Union County Schools, Central Academy of Technology & Arts, and the Broadcast/Video Production Class. It should be treated carefully as students will be responsible for the fee associated with fixing or replacing lost or mistreated equipment and supplies.
  • Students will need to check out the camera bag and special lens for their assigned week through Ms. Christensen or Mrs. Pentecost and will be required to check it back in.


  • The camera bag contains the following supplies:Camera with strap, cap and battery; press pass; charger with car cord; usb cord; 1 lens, tripod; extra battery; 2 SD cards; user manual; cheat sheet; ink pen.  


  • Be out in the community selling business ads and sponsorships as this is part of your grade.


  • Take care of the production room. All materials should be put away at the end of the class period.


  • MEET ALL DEADLINES (small or large) completely, correctly and timely.Do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it’s not you assigned work. The yearbook staff NEVER MISSES A DEADLINE.

  • Be prepared to attend all home and play-off sports events, dances, plays/performances, and weekend events to take photos and collect interviews and statistics.


  • Be responsible, accurate, and fair in everything they produce for the yearbook.
  • Students should make sure they balance their work to make sure your grades do not fall in other class.  While this is a commitment it does not trump other class work.  

Grading Plan

Page Spreads – each student will be assigned several spreads throughout the year.  Each spread grade will be made up of smaller grades including the following:copywriting, photography, design elements and package design. .              

Assignments and Homework – there will be classwork and homework assignments given several times per week to reinforce the fundamental elements of journalism, graphic design, business marketing and effective communication and organizational skills.  Time management is the key to success here.


Ad Sales – each student has been given a

goal to sell $500 in business ads by the

end of the first semester.

You will be graded on your dollar amount of sales sold.

$500 - 100% $450-499 - 95% $400-449 - 90% $350-399 - 85%

$300-349 - 80% $250-299 - 75% $200-249 - 70% $150-199 - 65%

$100-149 - 60% $50-99   - 55% $0-49   - 50%


I agree to the policies and standards set forth in this contract.  I will do my best to honor all aspects of this contract and pledge to be ethical and reliable in all facets of creating the CATA 2017-2018 yearbook. I will replace or repair equipment that I have damaged through neglect or misuse.

Student name: ______________________________________  Date: _________

I have read the Yearbook Syllabus and Contract.  I understand my child will be be expected to take photos before, during and after school. I agree to let my child participate in this class. I will allow my child to stay after school on deadline days in the event that the work was not completed by the end of that school day.

Parent name: ________________________________________  Date: ___________


Course Summary:

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