Course Syllabus

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  

Art is knowing which ones to keep.    -Scott Adams


Art III and IV Honors Class syllabus

Class Description

Art III and IV builds on skills from Art II with a more in-depth approach to the study of art. Mrs. Pentecost will help the students form goals, become familiar with careers, and develop work habits of professionals. Knowledge of the arts in relation to culture, history, other disciplines, and careers will be promoted.  Art history, criticism, and aesthetics will be studied in conjunction with selected artworks and will lead to development of a personal philosophy of art. Students will assemble a portfolio based on technical quality, personal style, direction, and its intended purpose.

Goals and Objectives

 Here is the link to see the Art standards set forth by the state of North Carolina 


Classroom Discipline and Accountability

  • I expect students to be examples of a good work ethic and knowledgeable about art.  
  • Students are expected to be on time and on task during the class period.  
  • Disrupting other students’ ability to learn will not be tolerated.  
  • Students are expected to be accountable for their own actions.  Students work independently but utilize teacher and student critiques.  
  • Students will need to be aware of their due date and manage time accordingly.  There will be a class calendar that shows daily expectations.  
  • Students’ are assigned a cubby and locker to store artwork and art supplies.  I would also suggest investing in an 18 x 24 portfolio.  This will help protect artwork as they transfer it between school and home.   
  • They will also have a class job that will help keep our room organized.  They will receive a participation grade for their job.  
  • Missing or broken classroom supplies will need to be replaced by the students.  
  • Students are allowed to bring water into the classroom.   No Cokes, coffee, energy drinks or any other colored or sugary drink.
  • Students need to be aware that that they have chosen this class knowing that Mrs. Pentecost expects more out of them since this is an honors level class.  There will be no whining about the pace and expectations.



A report card or progress report comes out every three weeks.  Students are required to have their progress reports signed by a parent and turned in to Mrs. Pentecost by the next day.  Mastery of the lesson is encouraged.  Students may improve the grade on an assignment within one week except Sketchbook assignments.   Late assignments will not be accepted.  If they are allowed to make the work up a 1 will be entered into Canvas and Power School till the deadline.  This is to make sure that they remember to make up the work.  If a 0 is entered then they are not allowed to make up the work.  The marking period grade and the final exam are each 25% of their final grade.  Students will be responsible for 4 project per marking period and a final exam project.  That is a total of 13 works of art.  In addition they will have 2 research assignment per marking period.  Students will need to complete each assignment sequentially inorder to move on to the next project.  If the 12 assignments are not completed then they will receive a 0 for their final exam.  Time management is of utmost importance.  


Resources and Items supplied by Mrs. Pentecost

These items are on loan.  If lost or damaged the student will be responsible to pay for replacement.  A cost list will be posted in the room. 


Required Supplies

  • Sketchbook- can use from previous class      
  • There may be times that you may need to purchase some specialty art supplies depending on what is needed for your child’s chosen project.


Mrs. Shelly Pentecost contact information for students and parents.


is my personal cell phone number.

You may call or text me If you have any questions.

The best time to call me is 8:00 am -8:45 am or 3:30 pm-10:30 pm weekdays and anytime on the weekend.

During school hours it is best to either text or email me.

Course Summary:

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