Course Syllabus

Health Education Syllabus

Welcome to Health class.  In this course, we will be focusing our studies on Health Education.  Health Education is an intentional effort to help students understand, care about, and act upon core health values.  The North Carolina Essential Standards Health Education- is a Grades 6 – 8 curriculum.  


The 5 Healthy Living Strands that are focused on are:                                 Email address:

  • Mental and Emotional Health                                                  
  • Personal and Consumer Health
  • Interpersonal Communications and Relationships                                     Materials:
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity                                                      pencil, notebook paper, folder or binder slot
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs                         **donations to the class – box of tissues, notebook paper


The strands are the same in each grade, but the lessons that are taught are an extension of the previous grade.  Greater attention to the content and skills of Health Education can make a difference in whether young people choose healthier behaviors and lead happier and more productive lives.  Health literate students are more likely to become adults who achieve high-level wellness and who are ready for the challenges of the global economy.

Healthy Disciplines:  To successfully achieve the objectives in Health, students must practice health discipline.  These are skills that will carry students into any situation for life.  Students will be engaged in class discussions, small group work as well as an independent approach in the exploration of the health standards.

Classroom Rules:   

1) Be Respectful

To yourself. Do and be the best you can be.                                                                                                    

To Others around you – Listen to the teacher and other students, respect their property, and treat them like you would yourself.                                                                                                                                                 --To the classroom – We are visitors.  Keep the classroom clean and do not touch what doesn’t belong to you.


2) Be Responsible – For getting to class on time.

                                 For having your materials ready for class (folder, computer, pencil).

                                 For completing all assignments on time.



1) Verbal warning

2) 5 pts off health discipline

3) call to the parents


Grading:  The Students will be given a weekly Health Discipline grade. 

Every assignment, notebook challenge, or project will be graded on a 100 point grading scale.  

-5 points will be taken off for late assignments per day late up to 5 days.  Then the assignment will not be accepted past that point and a zero will be given.

 NC Grading scale for grading 100-90 - A, 89-80 - B, 79-70 - C, 69-60 - D, 59-below -F

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