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Meryl Baumgarten

EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST. This class is an introduction to art, you are here to learn, just relax and do your personal best. Be creative, be unique, be yourself, show respect for the teacher, other students, art materials and the art room environment. Art is personal; be considerate of others and their work. Always do your own work, put in the effort to push yourself to perform to the best of your ability. Think about the following equation, how can it apply to you?

Natural talent X Effort = Skill  &  Skill X Effort = Success

This is the foundation level for art study and the prerequisite for all other visual art classes in Union County Public Schools. The course is primarily devoted experiencing various art processes, procedures, theories, and historical developments. Students will have experiences in producing two and three dimensional artworks. The course emphasizes the study of the elements of art and principles of design, color theory, vocabulary, art criticism, art history, the creative process, art documents the human experience, influences historical perspectives and evokes a response in it viewer. Inspired by classroom research, students will create personally relevant art. View North Carolina Essential Standards for this course @

Class Supplies:

·  A sketchbook, – 8.5”X11” or larger, minimum of 70 sheets of 60 pound paper. Please be sure to get a bound book, sketch pads with perforated pages are not acceptable since the pages tend to fall out easily.

·  2 plastic report covers, used OK

·  A pencil in class every day

·  Chromebook in class every day.  

·   A box of colored pencils, 8 minimum.

·  You should have basic art supplies at home to use when completing assignments.

·  You should also have the ability to print from a computer at home or money to print from the media center as needed. Please be sure to have a backup ink cartridges on hand at all times so you will not lose points for work handed in late.

·  Please consider a classroom donation of any of the following:

o Boxes of tissues

o Cleaning products like 409 or Fantastic (dollar store products are great too)

o Masking or Duct tape, any size


·  Sketchbook

·  Preliminary Research

·  Creative Process Documentation

·  Studio Artwork Projects

·  Art Criticism

·  Student Website

·  Drawing Days


·  Grades are generated on a point basis and grading period grades are generated by the percentage of available points earned. Assignments will carry a specified number of points (Quality points), and assignments handed in on due dates will receive (Due Date points) for completion and handing in on assigned date.

·  If absent on a due date, students are responsible for handing in long term assignments on the day they return to school, or discussing assignment due dates with Mrs B. It is not the teacher’s responsibility to remind you. Please email in the case of a serious illness.

·  Grading penalties :

o Late assignments will receive Zero Due Date points, this grade will not be changed when work is handed in late.

o Work handed in late, one day after the due date, will receive a 10% penalty in grading. Work handed in more than a week late will receive a 25% penalty.

o Some assignments, like portions of the semester project, will be graded for completion on the due date. When a student completes these assignments late no points will be awarded. Quality point grading for this project will be awarded during the third grading period.

o Drawing days are graded for effort and participation. Distracted students may receive penalties on these points.

o Failure to follow directions

o Sleeping in class

o Roaming the room

o Hanging out in the back of the room to chat or be un-productive.

o Using cell phone without permission.

Canvas Calendar:

All assignments and their due dates will be posted on the Canvas Calendar. Check this calendar for due dates. Assume that the posted dates are correct and have work completed and submitted on due dates.


Always do your own work. Never ask anyone to draw even a line on your artwork. All written work is expected to be in your own words and handed in on due dates. Copying text or images from the internet or sharing assignments with peers is considered plagiarism and therefore considered cheating and will result in a grade of zero for the assignment. The student who gives answers is considered just as guilty as the one who takes them.

Exams: Benchmark and final exams will be given on UCPS calendar. Other classroom exams will be announced on Canvas and/or announced in class. The final exam will be given as per the UCPS calendar and is 25% of the final class grade.

Classroom Cleanup:
Students are expected to keep the Art Room clean, (clean up after yourself and your classmates). Please clean up after yourself, do not expect other students to clean your mess. We will share the responsibility of cleaning up the common areas of the classroom.

  Classes who do not keep the room clean will receive penalties to their grades. Individual students or the whole class may lose points for leaving the classroom messy. These points may be deducted from classroom participation and/or project grades at the discretion of the teacher.



Time Management:

    Please note that students will frequently have three to four assignments to work on simultaneously. It is expected that you will learn to manage your time and have work prepared to handed in on due dates. Accessing the Canvas calendar regularly will help students to keep up with assignments and due dates.

   Students may choose to use open studio time, before school, or after school by appointment, to complete assignments not finished in class, Talk to Mrs. B. for permission if you need to work at home.

What will we be doing in Art 1?

Sketchbooks: will be used for preliminary sketching, drawing assignments, media technique experiments, daily exercises etc. the book is also a place for you to store ideas for future art projects in the form of sketches, written ideas, or pasted resources that you may want to use in the future. Use your sketchbook to complete assignments and add any art related information that you wish.

Art Criticism: A major part of Art 1 is learning how to observe and criticize art.  We will work on this skill throughout the semester. Students explore art criticism in relation to famous works of art, self-criticism, and peer reviews.  Semester project - Each student will spend the semester exploring a single, famous, artwork and present their research and critique to the class in the third grading period. Students will have due dates for completion but the assignment will not be graded for quality until the third grading period. It is expected that you make corrections throughout the semester so that your final, graded assignment will be the best it can be when grading time comes.

Web site: Art 1 students will create a digital portfolio. Each assignment will documented on this site. Students will post images of work in progress and completed images along with notes on your creative process.

Drawing Days: Mondays are drawing days. We will explore drawing and drawing techniques. Every student is expected to put forth maximum effort. A maximum of 15 points per drawing day may be earned by having a positive attitude, trying your best and putting forth maximum effort. These exercises will lead you to the ability to create a great self-portrait in the last weeks of this class.



Do not miss class.

Leaving the classroom: When you leave the classroom, for any reason, it is required that you sign out and sign back in upon return. Take the pass and put the pass back where you got it, when you return. Please try to wait until presentations are completed so you do not miss instruction time. Only one student may leave the room at a time. Please return to the room promptly.

Make up work: If you are absent or out of the room for a few minutes you are responsible for asking another student about what work you have missed and making it up. Be sure to check in with Mrs. B. if you have any questions.

Time spent in SMC will be counted against you in participation points.

Behavioral Expectations:

·  Enter classroom, look at Smart Board or listen for classroom starter, start working. You should be working by the time the late bell rings.

·  Participate in classroom discussions to share opinions, show understanding of concepts and practice using art vocabulary.

·  Positive interaction with classmates in an appropriate manner to create a cooperative working environment in the classroom, when working individually or in groups.

·  Participate in classroom cleanup of your area and public areas.

·  Listen to the teacher and classmates when presenting or participating in discussions.

·  Be on your best behavior.

·  Encourage classmates to do the same.


Do not include inappropriate subject matter in your work, schools have the right to censor your work. All completed artwork will hang in the halls. Hand in work that you are proud to put your name on.

Electronic Devices in the Art Room:

·   Cell Phones may be used ONLY when Mrs. Baumgarten expressly gives permission.

·   When you first sit down in class you are required to turn off and put away your cell phone and earbuds.

·   You may ask for permission to use your cell phone for searching the web or to take pictures of your artwork in progress and completed.

·   If the class is given permission to listen to music on phones, only one person per set of earbuds, you may choose between listening and talking, if you have earbuds in your ears, you may not talk.

·   Cell Phones may not be used when Mrs. B. is teaching or peers are presenting oral reports. Do not send text messages. Any cell phone that is out without permission, in your lap or under the desk during class will be confiscated and sent to the office.NO WARNINGS OR SECOND CHANCES WILL BE GIVEN.


Food in the Art Room: All school rules should be followed while in the art room, including, NO FOOD OR SWEET DRINKS in classroom; you may have water in a clear sealable container, keep it sealed and on the floor. Classmates do not like it when water spills on their artwork. Mrs. Baumgarten does not like it when a mouse comes to visit so no food please.


In Summary: Try your best to be creative, be unique, be yourself. Show respect for the teacher, other students, art materials and the art room environment. Follow classroom procedures. Art is personal; be considerate of others and their work. Art can be messy; CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF! Make up work when you are absent or late. Ask Questions. Website and written assignments are usually very helpful for students who have difficulties with studio work. If you feel that your artwork is not of the quality you would like it to be, ask for help and do your absolute best on written assignments to keep your grades up. ALWAYS DO YOUR PERSONAL BEST!!



UCPS Photo, Video and News Interview Release Form


I do hereby grant to Union County Public Schools the unlimited right to use and/or reproduce photographs, likenesses or the voice of my child in any legal manner and for the internal or external promotional and informational activities of Union County Public Schools. I also agree to allow my child to be interviewed and/or photographed by representatives of the external news media in relation to any and all coverage of Union County Public Schools in which they are involved. I also agree to allow my child’s work and/or photograph to be published on the Union County Public Schools Internet/Intranet Web Pages and/or UCPS publications. I further understand that by signing this release, I waive any and all present, or future compensation rights to the use of the above stated material(s).

School Name Marvin Ridge High School


Student’s Name _______________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________ Date ________________


Parent/Guardian Name (please print) ____________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Address _______________________________________________________




If you do not want your child to be photographed in Art class, please write that on this sheet and return to

Mrs. Baumgarten.



Signatures are required on both sides of the paper.



Student Name___________________________________ Grade ________ class period ______


Home phone number ____________________________________________________________


Home Address _________________________________________________________________


Parent name ___________________________________________________________________


Parent cell phone ______________________Parent work phone__________________________


Parent Email (print clearly) _______________________________________________________


How do you prefer to be contacted? ________________________________________________


Parent 2 name _________________________________________________________________


Parent cell phone _________________________Parent 2 work phone____________________________


Parent Email (print clearly) ______________________________________________________________


How do you prefer to be contacted?________________________________________________________


Is there anything you feel it is necessary for me to know about you/your child? Allergies, Learning difficulties, Likes, Dislikes, Fears etc? Assume that I have not heard from the Nurse, Guidance or Special


Ed Departments. ______________________________________________________________________________







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  • I have read the class syllabus on Mrs. B’s Canvas page.  I understand and agree to all sections.
  • I am aware that my child will be given assignments where he/she will be asked to use the internet to research art related subject matter. I give permission for my son/daughter to use the Internet to research art related material.
  • I am aware that the class may take walks on the school grounds. My child has permission to leave the school building with this class.
  • I have also signed the contact information above and UCPS photo/video permission slip on the back of this page. Return of these signed pages, within 2 days of receipt, will entitle the student to 5 points.


Parent Signature_________________________________  Date______________________



Student signature ______________________________     Date______________________





    Donations are Always Appreciated. How can you help?

Marvin Ridge Art Department has been fortunate to receive generous donations from parents and businesses, which has enabled us to build well-supplied art rooms. We are always in need of donations to help us expand our program. Any Donations of materials you have around the house and are not using, or Gift cards to Art Supply stores like Michael’s and A.C. Moore, Office Supply stores like Staples, and Office Depot, Home stores like Home Depot and Lowes, and bookstores like Barnes and Noble, will be greatly appreciated.


Classroom Wish List items include but are not limited to:


  • **Newspapers** we are in need of used newspapers please recycle through us.
  • Paper Towels
  • Broom or dust mop
  • Dust pan
  • Clorox wipes
  • Plastic table cloths
  • Ink jet printer paper
  • Ink for HP 130nr or Staples / Office Depot gift card to purchase ink.
  • Wraps – especially Aluminum foil, Wax paper, Parchment, Plastic wrap.
  • Plastic bags recycled shopping bags or zip lock bags all sizes.
  • plastic containers for food storage or those that food came in especially those with tight fitting tops.
  • Tarps or plastic tablecloths
  • Papers- colored, tissue, wrapping
  • Magazines, especially Sports magazines or those with popular culture in them, like People Magazine, magazines about News, Teens, Music, Sports, Cars, Fashion, Home etc.
  • Paint brushes- any size from small water color brushes to house painting brushes
  • Tape- masking tape, colored masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape, clear package wrapping tape.
  • Yarn
  • Board- cardboard, illustration board, matt board any color.
  • Fabric- scraps of interesting fabrics, old jeans, buttons, beads, sequins, etc
  • Storage boxes or baskets
    • Aprons, Art smocks, lab coats
  • Containers with covers, like the ones that food comes in (please wash)
  • Cardboard tubes from paper towels
  • Hardware supplies- tools of any kind, nails, nuts and bolts
  • Wood scraps
  • Wire hangers, especially the really cheap ones that bend easily
  • Big wish items include:
  • Photoshop                                                                                   •Digital cameras
  • Camera tripod                                                                             •Photo flood lights
  • Good paint brushes                                                                      •Glue guns
  • Ceramic clay tools                                                                      •Rolling pins
  • Hammers, screwdrivers etc.                                                        •Wire cutters
  • Silk screening materials .                                                  Wood working tools
  • Display boards for art work
  • Blenders
  • Art Books
  • Shelving (like the kind you use in your garage) for student art work storage.







NAME ____________________________________________________


CLASS _______________________________________  CLASS PERIOD  1     2     3     4


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.        -Scott Adams(cartoonist)

Please answer each of the following questions. You may add more information on the back of the page

1.What is the best thing you’ve ever made or done?

2. What is the most recent creative thing you’ve done? Does not have to be a work of art.

3. How much formal art training have you had? Formal meaning learned from a teacher or in a class and what art skills have you taught yourself?

4. Is there anything in particular you would like to learn about in art class?




5. Why are you taking this class? What would you like to learn? What is your goal for this class?

6. Where would you like to go to college? What are your career aspirations? (What do you want to be when you grow up?)

7. Do you have a quiet/comfortable place to work at home?

8. Do you have a job outside of school? Where? What hours do you work?





Course Summary:

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