Course Syllabus

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Megan Ehlers

Monroe High School

9th Grade Earth and Environmental Science

(704) 296-3031 ext 6311

Planning Period:

3rd Period (10:53-12:50)

Class Syllabus:

Welcome to a new school year!!

We will cover many topics within the four main subjects of Earth and Environmental Science. They are Geology, Oceanography, Meteorology, and Astronomy.

Please note, that the follow days spent on each topic is tentative and they are approximate estimates. This is a basic overview for you to see what we will be covering this semester.

Days spent of topic





Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, Earthquakes


Rock Cycle, Erosion, Topography


Human Impacts on Lithosphere




Human Impacts on Hydrology




Air masses, Storms, Fronts


Human Impact on Climate


Energy Resources




Human Impact on Biosphere


The Sun and Seasons


Earth’s Motion



This schedule will leave time for reviewing some topics, preparing for NC Final Exam, etc. Remember, this is a working schedule and amount of days for each topic can change.

Guidelines and Procedures

Student Expectations:

Students are expected to act according to the Monroe High School code of conduct. Not only are they expected, but will be held accountable to this model of excellence. In this classroom, each student is asked to behave accordingly:

  • Be respectful and courteous to each other and the teacher
  • Arrive on time and prepared with required materials
  • Behave in any way that will enhance and ensure students’ right to learn
  • Always try! The word can’t is not allowed here J
  • Follow all verbal or written instructions provided by the teacher

If for any reason these expectations cannot be met, actions can result in warnings, parent contact, detentions, student/parent conferences,  and disciplinary referrals.

Class Instructions:

You are expected to bring with you to class each day:

  • A notebook of any kind that will hold notes (1inch recommended)
  • 1 pencil and a highlighter

When the bell rings, you should have already done the following:

  • Pick up all handouts (skeleton notes) and homework
  • Pull out classroom materials and remove any other materials from the desk
  • Copy down any important due dates in a planner (if you have one)
  • Begin working on the “Do-now”, while the teacher takes attendance

Homework is a painful necessity. It allows you to practice what you have learned in the lesson that day and reinforce any difficult material. It is imperative that the student turns in the work on time. Some homework may be graded for completion or accuracy, it is essential that the student completes his/her own work to the best of his/her ability.

Any work is due by the end of the next school day (3:10pm). Anything after that will be considered late. 5 points will be deducted for everyday late until the 6th day. The highest grade earned after that day is a 70. If the assignment is a web quest, or any assignment due in canvas, the student will have until 11:59pm of the due day to turn in that assignment. The same rules for late work applies to these assignments.

Students are allowed 7 excused absences per semester. If a student has an excused absence, he/she will be given two days to make up work of each day missed without any penalties. However, it is the students’ responsibility to collect all missing work.

Grading scale

This year we will implement a new grading scale. It is the following:


  • 100-90 : A
  • 89-80 : B
  • 79-70 : C
  • 69-60 : D
  • <59 : F

Extra credit will be made available before every unit test (including mini assessments and benchmark exams). Extra credit can also be earned in after school tutoring by completing extra work or working on current work with the teacher.


Tutoring is recommended but not a requirement. If the student makes less than a 70% on any exam during the course, they are asked and expected to come to one tutoring session with the teacher to go over anything they misunderstood on the exam. Points can be earned back to increase the score of their exam.

Tutoring will be available by request and appointments. The teacher will always be made available to a student that needs tutoring for any reason, especially reasons made above.

Lab work:

Labs conducted in the classroom are a privilege! Please do not take them for granted! Labs are to better strengthen the students’ understanding of a topic. Though some labs may be simple and will not be using dangerous materials, the student is still asked to follow these rules:

  • Follow all instructions and rules of the lab as well as any verbal instructions of the teacher (to ensure safety of all students)
  • Wear protective eyewear at all times in the lab
  • Dress appropriately (Toes-closed shoes, long pants, etc)
  • Food and drinks are prohibited during labs
  • No horseplay (I.e. running, throwing materials, not following instructions, disrupting others, etc)


If any contact information is incorrect, please provide a number in which you can be reached.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time during the semester, please to do not hesitate to call me at 704-296-3130 Ext 6311


Course Summary:

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