Course Syllabus

Global Awareness

Mr. Coach Spencer

In this class, you will explore the physical and human geography of the world, as well as some recent history and current events. We will look at climate, landforms, and water systems, but we will be more focused on the planet's cultures, how they interact with each other and what role you play in the world. We will examine economic, political and cultural trends that shape global events. Our goal is for you to be… well, more gloabally aware. In doing so, we will explore timely topics of: terrorism, global trade, human trafficking, environmental degradation, military conflict, gender roles, healthcare, human migration, poverty & others.

General Rules:

  1. Respect others!
  2. Abide by the rules of Weddington High School.
  3. If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to complete missed assignments
  4. Put forth effort. It will be rewarded! If you put forth consistent effort, but do not do well on quizzes and tests, you will almost be guaranteed a passing grade. Hopefully, just passing isn’t your goal though.


Materials Needed for class each day:

  1. A pen or pencil and paper
  2. Text & handouts provided by the teacher
  3. Chromebook


Grading Policy


Tests & Projects                    50%

Notebook                               25%

Participation                          10%

Quizzes                                 15%


Participation includes: time on task, appropriate behavior, participating in class discussion, input during group work, and effort during assignments.


Notebooks will be graded when we have tests. When I say “Notebooks,” I’m really just going to be collecting all of your work from the last week or two. You’ll staple it & turn it in. You’ll have a checklist of what needs to be turned in. Your homework, class work, notes and journal assignments will be included in your notebook. DO NOT wait until the last minute to do these assignments. You MUST work on them as they are assigned. All assignments listed on the provided checklist must be included and must be in order and neat. All missed assignments must be made up.


Tests will be announced well in advance and you will be provided with a study guide for each test.


Course Summary:

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