Course Syllabus

American History I

Mr. Schnee



11th Grade requirement for graduation


Course Objective: To analyze key events, documents, pictures, audio/visual clips and quotes in United States History, and determine how they affect your life and the world around you today.


Course Description: Through the use of various methods we will be looking at American History from early exploration and discovery to the end of the Reconstruction Period (after the Civil War).


Text: The Americans

ONLINE ACCESS:; username: 1american; password: u6v3x


Supplies: Laptop/Chromebook, composition notebook, 2-inch 3-ring binder, writing utensils, and colored pencils.

***Optional: glue sticks, ruler, scissors, binder dividers, or anything else you feel will help you be organized and successful in this class.


Grading: Points are earned by performance on various assignments, projects, quizzes, tests and the final exam.  Your final grade will be calculated by the total amount of points earned divided by the total points possible. Late work will be accepted for a maximum of ½ credit.

Grading Scale

100-90 - A

89-80 - B

79-70 - C

69-60 - D

59 and Below - F


To be successful in this class, you will be expected to do the following:

  1. Be respectful of teachers, classmates and the learning process.
  2. Be in class, on time, and ready to learn when the bell rings with the necessary materials for class.
  3. Participate in activities and use study materials as required (in class and online.)
  4. Turn in your assignments on time.
  5. Do the best that you can do.
  6. Have fun and take advantage of the opportunities to learn and interact with your classmates.


***School Rules:  We will follow all school and district rules that have been laid out for you in your student handbook.***


Regular Procedures:

  1. Notebook & Binder: You will keep everything from class in these and turn them in at the end of each unit/the day of each test to be graded and returned to you. Check the assignment board and folder for any missed or lost work.
  2. Current Events: You will present a current event every 6 weeks. Every day, we will start with the presentation and brief discussion. It cannot be an event that someone else has done. You must print or cut out the article (NO sharing the link. MUST be printed) and type a ½-page summary, which you CAN share with me by the time you come to class.
  3. DAILY warm ups: These will be at the start of EVERY class and will consist of some discussion of the current event presented, as well as some questions relating to the content in class. These are to be done in your composition books.

***More procedures will be added as we go throughout the semester, but the above are for everyday practice.

Class Rules: (some are also school rules that you should hear again)

  1. Treat everyone in the class with the respect you want to be treated with. This includes, but is not limited to: using appropriate language, raising your hand to speak, and not distracting your classmates from learning.
  2. Technology Use:
    1. Chromebooks/Computers are ONLY to be used when directed to research a topic or complete other class-related work
    2. Phones: ONLY for class-related activities and when permitted to do so. Otherwise, keep it put AWAY (not just on your desk…).
    3. If you are seen using these items and other devices for something unrelated to class, your privileges will be revoked until further notice. The item will be confiscated for the remainder of the class or turned into the office for pick up.
  3. No eating or drinking (except water) in my class. It is distracting to you and your classmates, and can leave a mess.  I will take your food away!
  4. If you wish to use the restroom, get some water, or leave the room for any reason, you must fill out the sign-out/sign-in sheet AND leave your phone in the little red basket


Extra Credit:  To get extra credit you have to have all your regular work completed.  I will NOT give any Extra Credit if you have not been keeping up with your assignments.


Contact Information: My room number is E108 and I can be reached by phone at (704)708-5530 or through email at (email is the easiest way). My planning period is 4th block.


Tutoring: I am available before school for tutoring on Mondays and Thursdays from 7:30-7:55am.





Parent “Signature”:



In lieu of signing this document, please send me an email containing your contact information (at the above email address) and any other information you think I should know to help your student in my class.  I will use your email as confirmation that you have read this syllabus and I will give your child credit for completing this assignment.  If you need anything, please feel free to email, call, or come by. 



I am looking forward to a successful semester with you in American History I!


  • Mr. Schnee

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