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Welcome to Mrs. Roncone’s math class!!  The expectation is that you do your best and respect the learning environment and hard work of others. I have no tolerance for laziness and neither should you.  You have been given an awesome opportunity here at early college and you should take full advantage of it!!!!!!!!


Contact Information:  

Beth Roncone 




  • Students’ grades will be calculated according to a point system. 
  • To calculate the final average the number of points earned will be divided by the number of points possible and multiplied by 100 to get a percentage.
  • There will be a minimum of one quiz grade and one test grade per unit.
  • Quizzes are based on recent homework assignments and can be announced and unannounced.
  • Tests are cumulative and may cover material from previous chapters.
  • Tests will be worth more points than quizzes and will therefore count as a higher percentage of the grade.
  • Homework is sometimes graded for accuracy and sometimes checked for completion and will count toward the final grade.
  • We go over the homework in depth and all questions are answered daily.  It is advised that you take advantage of that and ASK QUESTIONS! ASK QUESTIONS! ASK QUESTIONS!
  • Projects will also be assigned and graded and will be worth various points depending on the depth of the project.



You need the following for class EVERYDAY:

  • 1½ TO 2 INCH BINDER – with lots of paper in it AND a secure place to put worksheets!! If you lose your homework you will get a zero for it, so be organized. Sometimes notes will be provided and you will need a place to keep them organized.
  • GRAPH PAPER – we will construct graphs by hand without calculators.
  • PENCILS and ERASERS– you need to be able to erase! Do not do your math work with pens!
  • GRAPHING CALCULATORS are required.  You need a TI-84. If you do not have a calculator you are required to check one out from me and you are responsible for monetarily replacing it if lost.



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