Course Syllabus

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Ms. Tonya P. Adams

Honors Chemistry Teacher-UCEC


Contact Information:  704-290-1565 (school)

Teacher:  Tonya P. Adams


Planning Period:  11:00-12:30

Google classroom is a running website of homework as well as documents shared with students.  Click on the word link to access the site for homework. Link      You will need the code (uhi9dtf) in order to get into the site.



Below is a word document of 21 websites you can get help, extra practice, further assistance, and games to play.  This document includes a website for EVERY topic we cover.  The list is in order of the topics we cover in the semester.  There is even ACT PRACTICE information!  

Websites to Visit for Chemistry Help and Review-2015.docx


 Please open the document below to view:

   -chemistry syllabus

   -materials needed for chemistry

   -expectations from Ms. Adams

   -grading system for chemistry


Chem expectations 2016.pdf 


Folders and Portfolios

Students are required to maintain a "portfolio" which is a folder (kept in class) of all of the notes, work/sheets, quizzes, lab,  projects, etc.  They may pick up the folder from class at any time;  they just keep it in my room in order to keep a clean notebook and backpack.  Students will keep these at the end of the semester in order to use when they enter the college chemistry course.  

I share with all students copies of the folders I make for chemistry with all notes, worksheets, power points, etc students need for class by google drive.  I also share class announcements and homework through google classroom.  If you have questions, please contact me-I would be glad to help you with this.

Chemistry:  A Global Connection

Chemists are not just wearing white lab coats anymore.  There are so many career options both in the lab room and out of the lab room.  There are probably some jobs that will be created in chemistry in order to solve global challenges of health, energy, agriculture, and the environment.


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