Course Syllabus


Click the link below to become an observer for this course.

You will need your student's computer in order to complete these directions. 

Canvas Observer Account - How to Create a Canvas Observer Account using a Pairing Code 


6th Grade Science Supplies for Success:

  • charged Chromebook
  • 3 subject notebook  - to be used for science only - college or wide ruled
  • pencils - students using mechanical pencils should always have back-up lead or pencils
  • handheld sharpener for colored pencils
  • 12 or 24 colored pencils or crayons
  • glue sticks - at least 3 and have back-up at home
  • scissors
  • headphones/earbuds

Optional but helpful: ruler, felt tip markers, highlighters, personal hand sanitizer, pocket folder (plastic - if the notebook doesn’t have pockets) 

Please consider donating a box of tissues to our classroom. 😊

                   *** CHARGED laptops AND headphones/earbuds are a DAILY requirement for science class.   Please charge your computer EVERY night. ***  


Student Responsibilities:

1. Respect classmates, teacher(s), and science materials as well  as our classroom expectations

2. Come to class on time, prepared with supplies, a positive attitude, AND ready to learn. 

3. Maintain your science notebook according to teacher instructions. 

4. Complete classwork and homework as assigned AND on time.  Due dates are on your Canvas Calendar, as well as, in your weekly announcement.

5. Check your Canvas Announcements and Calendar DAILY.

6. Study for tests and quizzes outside of class.  

7. Keep track of your progress by checking Canvas for assignment information and PowerSchool for your exact weighted grade.


Parent Responsibilities:

  1. Check PowerSchool, at least weekly, to monitor your child’s progress in science.
  2. Become a Canvas Observer and bookmark the login page for easy reference.  
  3. Check the Canvas Calendar regularly for assignment due dates.
  4. Notify the teacher, via email, or other situations that may affect your child’s participation.

*Resources and directions for ALL assignments will be posted in CANVAS. In order to view our websites, you’ll need to be a Canvas Observer.  Click the link at top of the syllabus for directions.  


Missing Assignments:

Missing assignments will be accepted UP to the day BEFORE the UNIT TEST.  However, students MUST email the teacher if they complete missing work after the posted due date; PowerSchool WILL NOT be updated  otherwise.  



It is your responsibility to complete your work on a daily basis. This includes, if you do not come to school because of illness or an appointment.  Email your teacher if you are unable to complete your work due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. 


Grading Information:

  • Classwork/Homework 40%
  • Assessments* 60%

*Assessments includes but is not limited to tests, quizzes, and projects.