Course Syllabus

AP Chemistry Syllabus(2022-23) 

Mrs. Cochran

Central Academy of Technology and Arts


Welcome to AP Chemistry! The goal of this course is to continue your study of chemistry by actively engaging in the scientific process: laboratory investigation, reasoning, and application. Modern day Scientists work in collaboration with other scientists in order to solve complex problems. Classwork will be primarily group work, and working as a class as a whole. Active participation is crucial to your success.


Teacher contact info:


Questions/Extra Help:

Cougar Time- Mondays



Chemistry, Zumdahl & Zumdahl

Online Resources:

Libretexts Chemistry (OpenSTAX)

AP Classroom videos


Required Supplies:

Pencils & high-quality eraser

Notebook Paper

Scientific calculator/Graphing calculator

1 1/2 inch -Three-Ring Binder devoted to AP Chemistry 


Grading and Activities:

Your course grade will be determined on a weighted basis, and will be based on homework, classwork, lab reports, quizzes, and tests. All assignments are to be completed individually unless you are told otherwise. The weighting is as follows: 


Activity Percentages

Homework/Classwork/Lab 40%

Quizzes & Tests 60%


The AP Chemistry exam is scheduled for Monday May 6, 2024.


Description of activities:

Classwork: Assignments are to be completed by the assigned time on the due date. I do not accept late work! Students will receive login information for AP Classroom at the beginning of the semester. We will also be using Canvas. You will make arrangements for missed work according to the school policy. I accept little responsibility for work that you have missed, since it is your responsibility to get your assignments and make sure they are turned back in to me in a timely manner. 


Homework: Research shows that when you reflect on new information within the first eight hours, you increase the chances of making permanent connections in your brain. Daily homework/classwork assignments are due at 11:59 pm unless otherwise noted. 

  • There will be time for corrections and resubmitting for a higher grade.
  • End-of-unit review assignments in AP Classroom, including progress checks.



Quizzes will be announced, usually two days in advance. The purpose of the quizzes is to help you assess your understanding of the unit concepts. Corrections for points recovery will be available.


Lab Reports: 

You must keep notes for all of your lab investigations. You must describe the experiment you perform, record and analyze all data, and answer any questions from the assignment sheet. While the design and performance of a lab investigation is a group task, the lab report you submit must be your own work, written in your own words.



All test dates will be announced approximately one week ahead. Your overall grade in the class is primarily based on your test/quiz grades. Make sure that you show all your work for every problem, including the formulas used, given information, and units. Partial credit may be awarded if your work shows that you were on the right track but ended up with the wrong answer.


Topics to be explored:


1: Atomic Structure & Properties                                        6: Thermodynamics

2: Molecular & Ionic Compound Structure & Properties     7: Equilibrium

3: Intermolecular Forces & Properties                                8: Acids & Bases

4: Chemical Reactions                                                        9: Applications of Thermodynamics

5: Kinetics



Classroom Expectations: (In addition to the UCPS and CATA rules)

  • Come to class prepared.
  • Always follow directions.
  • Show respect for yourself, other students, and the teacher.

Consequences for inappropriate behavior:

  1. Warning
  2. Repeated warnings will result in referral to administrator OR direct referral if necessary according to Student handbook


It is an expectation that students check the Canvas Page daily. This will be the students way of knowing what we are working on in class and any assignments for that day. Students are responsible for completing their assignments by the due date. Students are expected to communicate with their teacher if they are out for an extended amount of time.