Course Syllabus

Honors Biology Expectations

Amanda Mims

Dear Parent/Guardian and Student,

As we begin this semester, I want to welcome and familiarize you with this year’s Biology objectives and requirements.  If you have any questions, conferences can be arranged with me. Arrangements can be made by contacting your child’s guidance counselor or by emailing me at  I believe it is important to maintain communication with parents/guardians for both positive feedback and feedback on areas of concern.


The following materials are required for Biology.  

  • A 3 ring binder
  • Pencils and/or Pens


In addition, some materials that will be helpful to you throughout the semester:

  • Colored pencils for lab drawings and projects
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Tissues
  • Expo Markers
  • One Roll of Paper Towels



All classroom expectations will be implemented according to the Central Academy Handbook.  This covers a wide range of expectations so you need to be familiar with EACH and EVERY aspect of this handbook.  In general, I will give either a warning or detention on the first offense. Second offense will result in a parent telephone conference.  Third offense will result in an office referral.



  1. Be prepared with notebook, pencil, and Chromebook each day.
  2. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.
  3. Raise your hand for everything.  Choral responses are accepted upon teacher’s request.
  4. Cell phones should not be used or visible during instruction.

Respect the teacher, fellow classmates and school property while following all aspects of the Central Academy Handbook.  This includes keeping your desk and lab area CLEAN!



When you arrive in the classroom, you need to be seated and do the following:

  1. take out all class materials and be prepared to start class


A typical class period will involve the following:

  1. reviewing pre-classwork
  2. checking homework and reviewing previous material
  3. completing the lesson for the day (notes, activity, lab, video, quiz, test)
  4. reviewing the lesson and instructions for the assignment



Students are expected and encouraged to attend tutoring as necessary to enable their maximum success in class.  I welcome the opportunity to help students on an individual basis. I am available for tutoring before school from 8:15 - 8:45 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment only.



Grades will be based on tests, quizzes, homework, class work and lab work.  There is a state mandated End of Course Test in all biology classes. You can prepare for this exam by accurately completing and reviewing assignments regularly.

Tests: 50%

Graded Assignments: 40%

Independent Practice: 10%


Graded Assignments:  Classwork includes lab work, projects and in class assignments.

Tests and Quizzes:  Tests will generally cover one full unit.  Quizzes will be given as needed.


Late Work Policy

Students will have until the due dates listed on canvas to complete work.  After the due date, late work will not be accepted. 


Honors Statement:

Biology Honors is an honors level course.  This course is also available in the Program of Studies at the College Preparatory level.  Students earning credit for an Honors level course receive an elevated number of Quality Points for their Grade Point Average.  

Students choosing the Honors level course should be aware that this Honors level course will include:  

Required extension opportunities that are directly related to the Standard Course of Study.  This includes additional content beyond that covered in the College Preparatory level and more challenging coursework and assessments.  Students will be expected to demonstrate higher levels of understanding for grades. Projects and presentations will be more in depth.

Students will have to focus and study regularly to master the content. The expectation that students can move through the coursework at an accelerated pace and students experiencing difficulty should quickly seek guidance from their teacher on how they can be more successful.


Examples of Honors Differentiation:


HONORS level objective

COLLEGE PREP level objective

Bio. Example  Bio.1.2.3 Analyze how specific cell adaptations help cells survive in particular environments (focus on unicellular organisms and specific cell types in multicellular organisms).

Bio. Example.1.2.3 Explain how specific cell adaptations help cells survive in particular environments (focus on unicellular organisms).

Bio ex.  Draw and label one unicellular organism. Indicate two adaptations and how they help the organism survive.  Draw and label two different types of specialized cells from one multicellular organism. Identify the adaptations of each cell and analyze how they support the cell’s role in the organism.

Bio ex.  Draw and label a bacterial cell.  Indicate two adaptations and how they help the organism survive.



If you are absent, please check CANVAS, and see me in the morning when you get back to school. It is up to you to collect what you missed. All notes and activities completed in class will be posted on canvas.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get your make up work within the allowed time limit. If you miss a test, be prepared to make-up the assignment on the day you get back.


PLEASE NOTE: All make up work must be completed in accordance with school policy.  Any work that is not completed in the established time frame is late and may not be eligible for credit.

Lab Privilege:

In order to retain lab privileges, students must:

  1. follow all instructions and rules on laboratory safety sheets in addition to all verbal instructions from the teacher
  2. dress appropriately based on pre-lab discussion (closed-toe shoes, long pants, etc.)
  3. wear protective eyewear - keeping these on at all times during the activity
  4. refrain from loud talking, running or moving too quickly, throwing items, horseplay and performing unauthorized lab procedures
  5. refrain from eating, drinking and gum-chewing
  6. come to lab prepared with all lab materials - including pre-lab work


Students who fail to follow these regulations will be removed from the lab setting and will receive a zero for the activity.  An alternate assignment on the same material will be required.

Biology will consist of many hands-on activities including projects, labs, presentations, discussions and cooperative learning.  We will be applying much of what we learn to “real world” issues. I am very excited about this year and I believe with the help of parents and students, we can have a productive and enjoyable experience.  


Amanda Mims

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