Course Syllabus

Visual Art I

  1. Medford – Studio K-13

Objectives of the class:

Art I is the foundation level for art at the high school level.  Students will have experiences in producing two-dimensional artworks (3-D, if time allows). Emphasis is placed on the elements of art and principles of design, color theory, vocabulary, art criticism, art history, and safety in the art room.  Students are provided a strong foundation in design, drawing and vocabulary in a teacher-structured environment.  Problem solving and decision making are emphasized through Art I. Students will learn new art terms, art history, and work with drawing, painting and  sculptural materials.


Supplies can be cheap or expensive, however the better the quality, the more a student can perfect their skills.  These supplies are a requirement of the class, however, if there is a financial hardship, that would prevent you from being able to purchase the supplies, please discreetly let the teacher know.  Supplies do not have to be brand new, if you have some supplies already, feel free to bring those in.



  • Portfolio: (at least large enough to hold 18”X24” paper) this can be two full sheets of poster board, stapled or taped together)
  • Sketchbook: 9 X 12 minimum, plain paper, preferably not the kind that is glued at the top.

Wire bound is best.

  • Pencil: Wooden # 2 (not mechanical) or drawing pencils… your choice
  • Erasers: Pink, cap, kneaded or vinyl… your choice.
  • Pencil sharpener: with attachment to catch shavings
  • Colored Pencil Set: at least 8 colors
  • Colored Marker Set: at least 8 colors
  • 2 Permanent black markers (Sharpie or the like) : Ultra Fine tip or Fine tip
  • 3new items from the following list: plastic wrap, sand paper, hot glue sticks, zip lock bags quart or gallon and plastic Ziploc/Glad type containers with lids. Please no HAND SOAP.


What I expect of you:

v  Bring needed materials to class and be on time.                                                         

  • Be attentive.
  • Follow and listen to instructions as they are given.
  • Clean up your own mess! Respect your space and that of others.
  • Be honest, fair and responsible.
  • Keep a portfolio and folder of all projects and information handed out during the semester.
  • Drinks, should have a lid to prevent spills, not Styrofoam/plastic cups with plastic lids.
  • Food should be kept off the tables, due to working with various materials that you should not ingest.



Mrs. Medford will follow the school’s grade award system, as posted in your student handbook.  Missing assignments may be turned in late for a penalty.  Assignments may be “made-up” by turning in the work by the last date given on progress reports, sketchbooks may not (see below).

Grading Scale:  A = 100% - 90%, B = 89% - 80%, C = 79% - 70%, D = 69% - 60%, F =59% - 0%

Projects:  40%, Sketchbooks:  20%, Tests/Quizzes:  25%, and Management:  15%




Class work, will be weekly projects, that are art projects that count 40% of your six weeks grade and you will be given, ample time in class to work..  Studio K-13 is also open before, every day and after school, by appointment.


Sketchbooks:  You will be given homework sketchbook assignments which count 20% of your six weeks grade.  Sketchbook are due every Friday, and grades cannot be made up.  You are given all of the prompts at the start of the semester, and will have at least a week between prompts to work on them, on your own.


Tests/ Quizzes:

There may be tests on new media and art history artists and other assessments as deemed necessary for monitoring progress, they will be25% of your six weeks grade.



In order to participate in a lab class, you must bring in the necessary supplies.  Management is the care and safety of the art room as a whole and your individual area.  You are expected to clean up the space and materials you use, at the end of each class, for 15% of your six weeks grade.  This includes tables, sinks and supply areas.


Each of these aspects of the class will be averaged together to make up your six weeks grade.


Extra Credit: YES!! Attend an Art Show or a Museum.


Visual Arts Permission Requirements:

                                                       Please read and complete the signature form on the last page.


I am excited to be teaching this class and am eager to help each and every student learn more about the history of art/photography. I feel that I must inform you that throughout the semester, many of the works of art we will read about in our textbook and discuss in class could be termed “controversial.” Some works contain nude figures. Works ranging from Ancient Greek statuary to Italian Renaissance bronze statues to 19th century Paris Salon paintings to 20th century American Modern paintings contain nudity or controversial ideas. The artwork I will have the students read about and that I will discuss with them should not be seen as inappropriate or offensive in any manner. I will discuss and present the artwork as an art historian should: in its historical context, providing cultural information, artistic background, and aesthetic judgments along the way.



        UCPS Photo, Video and News Interview Release Form

 I do hereby grant to Union County Public Schools the unlimited right to use and/or reproduce photographs, likenesses or the voice of my child in any legal manner and for the internal or external promotional and informational activities of Union County Public Schools. I also agree to allow my child to be interviewed and/or photographed by representatives of the external news media in relation to any and all coverage of Union County Public Schools in which they are involved. I also agree to allow my child’s work and/or photograph to be published on the Union County Public Schools Internet/Intranet Web Pages and/or UCPS publications. I further understand that by signing this release, I waive any and all present or future compensation rights to the use of the above stated material(s).



If you have any questions outside of class you can email me at or call the school at 704-296-3170 ext. 1530, and leave a message for T. Medford.

Course Summary:

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