Course Syllabus

2015-2016 Agriscience Applications Course Prospectus


Instructor: Mrs. L. Gardner  


Telephone: 704.753.2810

Co-Curricular Organization: FFA


Course Description:

This course focuses on integrating biological/physical sciences with technology as related to the environment, natural resources, food production, science, and agribusiness. Topics of instruction include agricultural awareness and literacy, employability skills and introduction to all aspects of the total agricultural industry. English language arts, mathematics, and science are reinforced. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course are apprenticeship, cooperative education, mentorship, school-based enterprise, service learning, job shadowing, and supervised agricultural experience. FFA competitive events, community service, and leadership activities provide the opportunity to apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills through authentic experiences.


Expectations:  Be Prompt, Prepared, Polite, Positive, and Productive.


Course Materials:  1. One- 1-2” 3 ring binder

  1. Loose notebook paper
  2. Writing utensils (pens or pencils)
  3. Note Cards (some may not want these, but they help in studying vocabulary)
  4. Dividers for each Unit (total of 6)




Weighted Grading:


Grading Scale:




1ST 6 wks








2nd 6 wks




35 %




3rd 6 wks




20 %








25 %













Progress reports will be sent home as mandated by the school system.

















Tests/Quizzes: Tests will be given at the end of each unit.  However dates will be unavailable, because students will determine their test dates.  Quizzes may be given with notice or can be pop quizzes.


Notebook:  Students will be required to keep up an organized notebook.  Students will be given quizzes to help reflect whether they have taken good notes and kept up with materials given by the teacher. These quizzes can and will be given at random.

HW/Participation: Students will have few formal homework assignments.  However when homework is assigned it is expected of the students to complete it.  Homework is part of participating in the class.  Other participation grades will be based on a student’s work ethic and participation in and out of class.

Make-Up Work:  Students will have two (2) school days to make arrangements for the work missed.  Work not submitted by the pre- determined date will receive reduced credit. It is the responsibility of the student to get with the teacher or a peer to find out their missing work and assignments.

Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE): This assignment will be detailed in full later in the course.  It will require the students to work 20 hours outside of class time on an agricultural project.  We will be using the Agriculture Experience Tracker (AET) to record all events and photos.  We are really excited about this new program and hope all students will help in learning how to use it.


Discipline Procedure:

1.      Verbal warning

2.      Student/Teacher Conference

3.      Parent Contact

4.      Office Referral

Cheating: This will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances and results in an automatic zero.


Tutoring: Tutoring will take place on an as need basis.  All tutoring will take place after school on the scheduled day (3:30pm-4:30pm).


Website:   Visit here to see documents and other important information.



FFA: This student organization is an integral part to the Agriculture Education classroom.  I encourage ALL students who are in my classroom to be a member in order to reap its benefits.  Dues of $_15_ will be collected at the beginning of the year, which pays for Chapter, State, and National dues, as well as a Sponsorship t-shirt.


Exam: There is a final exam in this course which is required, and mandated by North Carolina Department of Instruction.  All students in this class will take this exam. It is cumulative and counts for 25% of your final grade.



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