Course Syllabus

Mrs. May's IB Theater 2022/2023

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Theater_SL subject brief 2023.pdf 

IB Theater SL assessment tasks requirments 202223.pdf 


  • Copies of all the required texts
  • Loose Leaf Paper
  • Pens
  • Items needed for performances TBD




Students will complete all assignments. All assignments must be fully completed to be considered for credit.  No partial credit will be given.



Late work will receive a deduction of ten points for each day it is late.  Late work will not be accepted if it is more than 48 hours late.




It is your responsibility to check the “while you were out…” drawers for any missed work.  You will not be reminded about missed work.

  • You are expected to make up any work missed because of an absence.  In some cases, I may give you alternative assignments.
  • Ask a classroom partner for class notes.
  • Schedule all make-up quizzes and tests with me upon your return.
  • If an assignment was due while you were absent, it should be turned in on your first day back to school. 
  • PLEASE NOTE:  All make-up work must be completed in accordance with school policy.  Any work that is not completed in the established time frame is late and will not be accepted.




Be respectful. Be prepared. No food or drink allowed in the classroom. No electronic devices – cell phones and iPods must be off at all times. Follow the discipline policy in the student handbook.

  • Cheating is a major violation and will result in a zero – plagiarism is considered cheating.



There are four assessment objectives for the literature and performance course:


  1. 1. Knowledge and understanding of texts from different genres and cultures

– Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a range of texts and performances

– Demonstrate an understanding of structure, technique and style

– Demonstrate an ability to substantiate the points made through appropriate reference to texts


  1. Awareness and understanding of literary techniques and performance potential

– Demonstrate an ability to identify and evaluate the use and effect of literary techniques and

performance potential in texts

– Demonstrate an ability to use the relevant terminology in the analysis and appreciation of the

texts studied

– Demonstrate an ability to realize the performance potential in a text


  1. Commitment and ability as performers

– Demonstrate an understanding of performance skills

– Show the necessary commitment in developing and presenting performance

– Demonstrate an ability to express ideas, emotion, character and atmosphere through



  1. Ability to speak and write effectively about texts and performances

– Demonstrate an ability to express ideas clearly and in an appropriate register

– Use the oral and written forms of the language in a range of styles, registers and situations

– Demonstrate an ability to discuss and analyze texts and their performance potential in a focused

and logical manner

Course Summary:

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