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Mrs. May’s English II HONORS

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Welcome to Honors English II. There will be a strong emphasis on critical thinking, literary analysis, vocabulary development, rhetoric, composition, and foundation grammar concepts in this course. Mastering these skills will ensure that students are meeting the standards for the Common Core Curriculum and are prepared for the End-Of-Course examination for English II and for future English classes.

I believe that communication is very important to student success, so I update my Canvas page daily with each day’s PowerPoint presentation and any documents students will need. I also update my Canvas Calendar regularly. Grades are updated in a timely manner, and you have access to your child’s grades at any time. 



Students in English II will focus on world literature that taps into their understanding of cultures and societies from a global perspective. Selected texts, both print and non-print, will help students to recognize and appreciate elements of the human condition that cross cultural barriers, while deepening their understanding of the differences among societies that often lead to conflict. A variety of reading, writing, oral literacy, and research strategies will facilitate students’ examination of world literature, both classical and contemporary, with a particular emphasis being placed on writing and Common Core standards. We will also prepare for the English II EOC.
Students will examine language as it is used to inform, persuade, and express ideas, as well as investigate the author’s purpose, style, intended audience, and context. Students at this level will also study grammatical conventions as they make choices in their own writing.


  • loose leaf paper – college-ruled (at least 150 sheets)
  • Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini – ISBN: 978-1594483851 (Need by September 9th.)
    • If you cannot procure a copy of the required novel, please let me know as soon as possible


Throughout this year, we will study short stories from around the world, poetry, non-fiction and the following longer works of fiction: (selections may change as needed.)                                                    

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
  • Night by Elie Wiesel

 A note about reading material

Students will critically analyze representative print materials from different world cultures and time periods as they explore and create an understanding of cultures and societies from a global perspective. Texts are chosen that will allow students to analyze the culture and compare the literature of certain regions to texts from other regions around the world.

There may be some books that we will read that have controversial themes and/or some controversial language. While Marvin Ridge does not condone the use of this language, it is used by authors to maintain realism in their works or to make a specific point.


  • Be respectful - in person and online.
  • Be prepared daily AND participate.
  • No food or drink allowed in the classroom.
  • No electronic devices – cell phones and iPads must be off at all times and in the pocket holder on the wall.
  • Cheating is a major violation and will result in a zero; plagiarism is considered cheating.
  • Follow the discipline policy in the student handbook


Grades are based on work completed and determined by percentages.  The final exam (EOC) will count as 25% of the final grade.

  • Tests, quizzes and projects – 55%
  • Class work -  45%


Late work will receive a deduction of ten points for each day it is late. 


It is your responsibility to check the daily PowerPoint presentations on Canvas, the assignments on Canvas, the Calendar on Canvas, NRI, Quill, and CommonLit. 

  • You are expected to make up any work missed because of an absence.  In some cases, you may receive an alternative assignment.
  • Check Canvas for the presentations/notes you miss.
  • Schedule all make-up quizzes and tests with me upon your return.
  • If an assignment is due while you are absent, it should be turned in on your first day back to school. 
  • PLEASE NOTE:  All make-up work must be completed in accordance with school policy.  Any work that is not completed in the established time frame is late and will not be accepted.

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