Course Syllabus

Marketing Honors (MM51) Syllabus

Instructor:  Jay Fish; Class Location: G113,G133 

Sports/Clubs: Varsity Baseball (Coach), Key Club (Advisor)

Email:; School Phone: (704) 290-1520 

Marketing Honors (MM51) Course Overview

In this course, students understand the processes involved from the creation to the consumption of products and services. Students develop an understanding and skills in the areas of distribution, marketing-information management, market planning, pricing, product and service management, promotion, and selling. Students develop an understanding of marketing functions & applications and its overall impact on business operations. 

The following are the State of North Carolina Essential Standards and Objective Statements for the course:

Obj 1.0 Understand marketing, marketing functions, marketing mix components (4 P’s), marketing strategies and tactics, target market identification, segmentation, the need for marketing research and data, and career opportunities in marketing.

Obj 2.0 Understand product/service management, branding, product life cycles, new product development, marketing of services, product positioning and the technological, legal, and ethical components of product/service management.

Obj 3.0 Understand promotion and types of promotion including selling and the technological, legal, and ethical components of promotion.

Obj 4.0 Understand pricing and factors affecting pricing decisions including technological, ethical and legal considerations.

Obj 5.0 Understand channels of distribution and supply chain management and the technological, legal, and ethical components of channel management.


What is the POL (Proof of Learning) for your course?

  • CTE Final (Teacher-Made) Assessment- (County-wide not State-based. Students may exempt this based on A/B average in course.)
  • PBM (Performance Based Measurement) – project with multiple components

When is the POL administered?

  • CTE Final Assessment – end of semester (County-wide not State-based. Students may exempt this based on A/B average in course.)
  • PBM – multiple components given throughout the semester with final project due towards the end of the semester.

How will students get results?

  • CTE Final assessment is 25% of grade and will be posted on the students report card
  • PBM – each component will be graded individually and grades will be posted in PowerSchool throughout the semester.  The Final PBM project and the presentation count separately as project/test grades and are posted in Powerschool at end of semester. FAILURE TO COMPLETE THE PBM WILL RESULT IN A FAILING GRADE FOR THE COURSE.


Supplies Needed

Chromebook and charger (provided by school)

Pencils or Pens

Color Pencils

Glue Stick

1" Notebook or Folder with prongs for any handouts and paper-based assignments

Loose-leaf notebook paper


Course Resources

Online Text & Applications:  Online text and associated activities are provided by MBA Research and Curriculum Center. These resources are incorporated into the course Canvas page.

Canvas: The majority of assignments will be submitted on our learning platform, Canvas. Assignments can be submitted a variety of ways including, uploading files, typing into text boxes, and sharing Google documents/presentations. Students will be shown how to submit assignments on Canvas as needed. Individual assignments will indicate which method of submission is expected. If students need a refresher or have questions, they can access the Canvas Student Guide ( ) for specific instructions. It is the student's responsibility to ensure assignments are submitted on time and to contact the instructor if there is a problem.

IMPORTANT: Please note that student activity is logged while in Canvas so instructors will be able to see if the student opened the assignment, if there was any activity including a log of student activities during on-line tests and quizzes. Students are not allowed to leave the testing window during assessments. Doing so is considered cheating and will be handled as set forth in the Marvin Ridge HS handbook.


NOTICE: Although many assignments are submitted and graded in our learning platform, Canvas, the "final" grades shown may not be properly weighted and do not contain assignments that were not graded in Canvas. For the student's official grades, please continue to access the parent portal through Powerschool. Login information is usually sent home with the students at the beginning of the year, and should be the same as last year. If you need assistance accessing the parent portal, please contact the school.

 Grading Policy:

A= 90 – 100   B= 80 – 89  C= 70 – 79  D= 60 – 69  F= below 60

The course grade is based upon the following: 1st six weeks grade: 25 %, 2nd six weeks grade: 25%, 3rd six weeks grade: 25%, Final Exam: 25%--(can be exempted if A/B average). 

The individual six-week grade is calculated using the following percentages: Classwork/Projects: 25%, Quizzes: 25%, Formal Tests: 25%, PBM Project: 25%. 

 The NC Department of Public Instruction requires a Performance Based Measurement (PBM) for this course in the form of a project instead of a state-administered final exam.  Sections of the project will be completed throughout the course. In addition, UCPS administrators have determined that a teacher-made final is also required for this course.

*Grades and absences are available on Powerschool.  Please ensure that you and your parents are aware of your grades and number of absences at all times.  Adhere to county and school policies as it relates to attendance requirements in order to pass the course.

Classroom Rules, Guidelines, and Expectations

  • Be respectful. Use appropriate language and gestures only.
  • Stay on task and avoid disruptive behaviors.
    • Consequences: 1. Verbal Warning 2. Parent Notification 3. Office Referral 4. EXTREME disruptions will result in automatic dismissal from class and office referral.
  • Come to class on time and prepared.
    • Whether arriving late or leaving early, missing 15 mins+ of class will result in student being marked absent for that class period.
  • Bring all necessary materials daily.
  • Participate in all class activities.
  • Use Chromebooks and avoid use of cellphones and other electronics unless otherwise instructed.
  • Based on the assignment, you may be asked to work individually, with a partner or within a group. Always put forth your best effort and be a good team member. 
  • Please have a notebook designated solely for this course. Do not use red ink. All papers should include your first and last name in the upper right corner, the date, and period.
  • Any assigned homework should be completed by the due date. No late work is allowed.
  • Remember to make up all work missed when absent. Be sure to check Canvas for missed assignments and check with teacher if you’ve missed a quiz or test.  It is your responsibility to make up all work prior to the assignment close date. Please see the teacher for any exceptions to this policy.
  • There are often several projects required for this class. Ensure that you do not wait until the last minute to work on the project. Projects count as test grades. Seek the teacher early on if you are ever confused or are having trouble with any projects/assignments. 
  • Class time is very important. Please limit restroom breaks to emergencies only. Excessive requests to visit the restroom will be handled as class distractions.
  • Marketing topics build on each other. It is important to not get behind. Let the teacher know when you are having trouble with a topic to address any questions right away.  Extra help is also available during office hours. 

Office/Tutoring Hours By Appointment

Please come for extra assistance if needed..  Students are required to bring their Chromebooks, notebooks and any questions to the session. Attending tutoring is not a replacement for a student’s participation in class.  Ensure that you have participated in class and are doing your part to take requested notes and complete assignments.