Course Syllabus

Health Science 2 – Honors Syllabus 

Teacher:   Ashley Hamilton



Welcome to Honors Health Science 2! 

Course Description:

This course is developed to help students expand their understanding of the healthcare industry; including: employability skills, safety and infection control procedures, and clinical skills used by allied health professionals.  In addition, students will demonstrate their understanding of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems by applying BLS CPR skills. Projects, teamwork, and demonstrations serve as instructional strategies to reinforce the curriculum content. English language arts and science are reinforced in this course. Biology is recommended as good preparation for this course.


Class Supplies:

1” Binder

Notebook (any size or type)



Chromebook + Charger

Pencil or Pen 


Markers/Colored Pencils




75% of the course grade is based off the following categories: 

  • Classwork/Homework - 20%
  • Quizzes - 25%
  • Tests/Project - 30%
  • PBM Project - 25%

The final exam is worth 25% of the course grade. Please see the MRHS exam policy for information about exemption.



Proof of Learning (POL) for this class is a Performance-based Measurement (PBM). This means students will complete multiple projects and skill demonstrations throughout the course. These Performance-based Measures will be evaluated using rubrics and weigh heavily into the grade throughout the semester. This is a requirement from the state and proof of your student's mastery of the class material. This PBM does not replace the end of year exam. Health Science 2 Honors will have a teacher made final exam at the end of the class. Teacher made exams are exemptible if students meet criteria set forth by Marvin Ridge’s final exam policy.


Classroom Management Plan:

Essential workers are dedicated, punctual, motivated and respectful, so please come to class on time, on task, and prepared to learn every day. We will respect each other, the classroom, and ourselves. I will not tolerate any disrespect in the classroom. As students in Health Science, you are "in training" for the real world, therefore, the same expectations will be upheld for you in this class. 


Policies and Procedures:

  • Tardies – You must be present in the classroom to be marked present. Entering the classroom, dropping off your bag, then leaving again without returning before the bell will result in a tardy. 
  • Cell Phones – Cell Phones must be put in your preassigned pocket at the start of each class and remain there until the end of the class. If you have an emergency, please ask to use your phone first. Our school policy states that cell phones are not to be utilized.
  • Honor Code Violations – A zero will be given for the assignment and an office referral will be made.
  • Chromebooks – During instructional time, chromebooks are not permitted unless stated by the instructor.  When assignments requiring chromebooks are given, students are expected to use them for educational purposes only.  Gaming or other activities unrelated to this class will result in losing the privilege of using the chromebook. 
  • Interruptions – I will gladly welcome relevant questions anytime your hand is raised. During the instructional portion of the class, please refrain from throwing trash away, sharpening pencils, etc. 
  • Hall Pass - The sign out sheet and Hall Pass must be used to leave the classroom for any reason. It is against MRHS policy to have students in the hallway during the first and last 10 minutes of any class. 
  • Late Work – All assignments will have required submission due dates and times. Late assignments will not be accepted. Emergency situations will be scored at my discretion. Communication regarding emergencies (emailed to me) is imperative. A zero will be a placeholder in the grade book for any missing graded work.
  • Make-up Work – Upon returning to school following an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher to request make-up work. Students have two days for each day absent to submit make-up work or you will receive a zero. If you are absent on the day that an assignment/project is due, the assignment/project will be turned in on the day you return to school or the project will be considered late. 



Everything we do in class will be posted to Canvas. Students will be able to find all resources, activities, PowerPoints, etc. outside of class by accessing my course through Canvas.


Wish List: 

Please use this LINK to find our classroom wish list. 


Syllabus Acknowledgement:

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