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Course Overview:

Hello Cavaliers and welcome to 6th grade Social Studies!  6th grade Social Studies class focuses on World Georgaphy and Ancient Civilizations.  We will learn how and why civilizations developed and their contributions to society.  Students will learn about the past so they can become knowledgeable and active citizens.  The class is designed to help students understand how and why particular events, patterns and figures helped shape the world that we live in today.  The purpose of the course is provide students with a historical background of ancient cultures and civilizations.  This class will enable students to understand the geographic, political, and economic developments that affected ancient civilizations.


Semester at a glance:

Unit 1 - Geography and Early Humans               

Unit 2 - Emergence of Civilizations                     

Unit 3 - The Early Diaspora                                  

Unit 4 - The Golden Age

 Unit 5 - The Foundations of Government

Unit 6 - The Medieval World


Behavior Expectations:

As new Cavaliers at Cuthbertson Middle School, your ability to meet and exceed expectations for behavior becomes increasingly important.  I look forward to working with students and parents in order to ensure that all students behave in a manner that is conductive to learning.

There are three simple expectations for my class:

  • Respect - Respect yourself, your classmates, time, materials, the school and myself
  • Responsibility - Come prepared to class with all materials, multiple sharpened pencils, and all assignments / homework completed on time.  Know that you are responsible for your learning.  I will help guide you along the way.
  • Motivation - Success requires hard work.  Do your bets on assignments, stay positive and focused on your goals, participate and ask questions.

* As always, all rules, procedures and expectations of the school are enforced at all times in my classroom.  


All of your work, assignments and assessment links will be posted on Canvas.  Although we will be using different platforms such as Quizziz,, Quizziz, Blooket, etc. - Access to all of your instruction and links to those assignments will be found on Canvas.  This will be update daily and you will be shown how to navigate this throughout the first few weeks of class.


Students will be graded each week on various assignments, quizzes and assessments.  Assignment grades will usually be from 10 - 20 points each.  Quizzes will be 25 - 50 points and Assessments will be 50 - 100 points.  These area all determined by various criteria.  Students will always be notified ahead of time of due dates and testing dates.

Grades at Cuthbertson are weighted.  60% of your grade will come from assessments and quizzes.  40% will come from classrwork, homework, participation and projects.  Although the main platform we use is Canvas, your ACTUAL grade will be the one posted in Power School!  Please make sure you understand this!  

Late Work

Late work will be accepted up to 2 days after the due date.  Being that I collect all work on Fridays, the LATEST you can submit that assignment is on Tuesday of the following week.  This is a 6th grade policy and there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.  If you are absent, you will be provided the number of additional days you were absent.  Please make sure that you are utilizing your Activity Time every day to check Power School.  You are responsible for your grades.  You will be signing this syllabus stating that you understand this policy and I will be asking you to go over this with your parents as well.

Absences / Make-Up Procedure

When a student is absent, they will be provided that many additional days to get an assignment turned in.  It is the students responsibility to consult with me or to look at the Pages Tab to the left and check the date that he or she was absent.  The time generally allowed to complete this work without a penalty will be the number of days the student was absent.  Remember that all work will be due on Friday of each week, unless we are doing presentations or otherwise specified.  

Weekly Parents Communication

I will be sending out a weekly parent communication to notify you of what your child will be doing that week, assignment due dates, quiz and assessment dates, important school information, resources, etc.  If you would like to be added to this list, please email me at to be added.  Please make sure you add who your child is (first and last name) so that I know that they have this weekly communication.


Here is a link to the syllabus if you would like to print additional copies.

Printable Social Studies Syllabus