Course Syllabus

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Cuthbertson High School

American History 1 Syllabus

1st Semester 2021-2022         

Teacher - Coach Matkovich


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  1. Course Overview

Unit 1 – The Development of the United States

Unit 2 – The Constitution: The Foundation of American Society

Unit 3 – The Constitution Tested:  Nationalism and Sectionalism

Unit 4 – Industrialization of the United States

Unit 5 – The Progressive Movement: Responses to the challenges brought about by industrialization and urbanization

Unit 6 – At Home and Abroad: Prosperity and Depression, 1917-1940

Unit 7 – The United States in an Age of Global Crisis

Unit 8 - The World in Uncertain Times, 1950 – Present

I.    Assessment


Grading will be done using a total point system.  Students will need to earn a certain number of points to earn their six weeks grade.  For example:  If the total number of points for a six weeks were 800 then a student would need to earn 750 points for a grade of 93% - A.

Each Standard Unit:

Each Standard will have grades for quizzes, assignments and tests.   


Tests will be given from assigned time periods.  Tests will be announced 1 week prior to assessment.  Study guides will be available.  Test corrections will be available to students who earn these through classwork and homework.  ½ credit will be given for each test correction earned.

Make-up Work:

See Coach Matkovich upon return from absence.


II.     Attendance/Discipline Attendance:

The policy of this course corresponds directly with the CHS Attendance and Tardy Guidelines.


Academic Dishonesty:

Students are expected to do their own work.  The definition of cheating includes: (but not limited to) copying or lending assignments; communicating in any way, during a test; using notes in a situation where notes are not acceptable; plagiarism in any form.


Discipline Policy:

Students who misbehave will be dealt with as follows…

1st   Warning – Verbal or non-verbal

2nd  Call home and request a meeting with parents/administrator

3rd   Referral to office

Disruptions or serious problems that hinder the learning process will be dealt with immediately and students will be sent to the office.


Behavioral Expectations:

  • Be on time
  • Listen when someone is talking
  • No food or drink!!!! (Bottled water is the exception)



Directions to be a Canvas Observer