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Health and Science Academy at Monroe Middle School                         Dr. Jamar Bellamy Principal

French One Syllabus    Teacher: B.L.Hopkins                 Email:


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CLASS DESCRIPTION:  This year’s course is designed to get students excited and engaged as well as, ready and familiar with the culture of people who speak the exciting French Language. It is also designed as an exploratory course to meet the North Carolina World Language Curriculum.  It will be interesting and fun! Videos, power points, teacher tube, YouTube, songs, games, repetitions and practice drills.

Essential Standards: NL. CLL.1.1 , 2.1, 3.1, and 3.3 Use single words and simple, memorized phrases to express needs, preferences, and feelings. Use the language to engage in interpersonal communication. To understand the meaning of simple, spoken greetings, words, and phrases, when accompanied by visual clues and/or prompts, as needed. To use technology tools and digital literacy skills to identify products from the target cultures that are used globally.

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS: The Class is a cooperative learning environment.   We follow rules outlined for COVID19 wear, wait, and wash. We model the rules of CHAMPS for behavior modification.  Be respectful with verbal and nonverbal communication. Be prepared for work.  Rewards and Consequences are applied to this model.  Students are expected to check the web site for classroom and homework assignments weekly.   Parents/Student handbook details more specifically If any expectations are not met, this may result in any the following: A warning, Redirection Sheet, Student Teacher Conferences, Detention, Parent Notification, Conferences, Calls Home, and/or Emails, Conferences with parents

SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR CLASS:  Notebook, Pen, pencils (blue or black ink only) Chromebook, charger and a ready mind to learn.

Method of Teaching: • Warm Up • Review • Mini Lesson presentation • Power-Point presentations • Modeling for Student Repetition, Practical application for Review of the French Language, Quizzes.

ASSESSMENT METHOD:  • Homework • Class work • Projects • Vocabulary Quizzes • Class Participation

Formative testing to show growth will be used.

ASSIGNMENTS:  Students are expected to read their notes. All notes given in class will be checked every two weeks before assessment quiz. The goal is to complete up to 3 -  5 of notes per/week depending on grade level.

GRADES: Grades can be viewed online through PowerSchool. Every student will receive a login at the beginning of the year. Students are responsible to check PowerSchool for accuracy. Please allow an appropriate amount of time for grades to be entered.

All work is expected to be turned in on time. Late work will be accepted until the end of the grading period.  

CLASS EXPECTATIONS:  Being prepared for class is essential for learning and to be successful in this class.  Set goals and work hard to obtain those goals.

CONCERN POLICY:   It is our objective to have a successful school year for your child. If you have any concerns, we are here to discuss the concern and come to a resolution.

CHEATING POLICY:   We strive to model the honor system that every student do and complete his/her own work.  We believe every student can learn therefore a zero tolerance for cheating is administered.  Cheating includes, but is not limited to, copying someone elseʼs work, “lending” your notebook during a test, notes and homework to another student, and “lending” knowledge of a test/quiz to another student. Plagiarizing – turning in someone else’s work for your own. 


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