Course Syllabus

Weddington High School: German III/IV Honors Syllabus 

Teacher: Wesley Kennedy


Phone: 704-296-6319 (Main Office)


Herzlich willkommen! In this course, you will practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the German language. You will also gain insight into the history and culture of German-speaking countries. As an upper-level honors course, emphasis is placed on increasingly advanced language skills that build on those learned in previous German courses. For example, students will create and perform spontaneous and non-spontaneous role-plays, read short books in German, and create a children’s story or a film as a final project. The more effort you put into the course, the faster your German skills will develop. If you are ready to work hard, have fun, and speak lots of German, I’m sure you will have a successful semester. 


 Required Materials

  1. Students should bring paper and a pencil to each class session. Most notes will be online, but if you choose to take notes by hand you should keep them in a folder.  
  2. Bring your charged Chromebook to each class session.


Classroom Expectations

  1. Be in assigned seat with materials out when the bell rings. 
  2. Do not do anything that will disrupt the learning or teaching process.
  3. Show respect for your fellow students and teacher in your words and actions.
  4. Participate! Active participation in class is imperative to your success in learning German. 
  5. Use electronic devices only for classroom tasks. 


Consequences for not adhering to classroom expectations

Students are required to adhere to the classroom expectations. Behavior that interferes with learning or disrespects the teacher, other students or school facilities will not be tolerated. Persistent or serious offenses will result in a call home, detention, or referral to the school administration. 



  1. Six-week grades will be calculated using the following scale:
  • Homework/in-class assignments (30%)
  • Quizzes/tests (70%)


Final Grade     Grading Scale

1st Six weeks = 25%         A = 90-100%

2nd Six weeks = 25%         B = 80-89%

3rd Six weeks = 25%     C = 70-79%

Final Exam = 25%         D = 60-69% (59 and below does not pass)


  1. Late work. Work turned in late is worth a maximum of 50%. Any late work must be turned in at least one week prior to the end of the grading period. In the case of excused absences, students will have two days for every day absent to turn in work they missed without penalty. 


  1. Plagiarism/cheating. Copying work which should be done individually or allowing your work to be copied will result in a zero on that assignment and possible referral to the administration. 

Use of online translators and dictionaries

Unless directed otherwise, the use of a print or online dictionary is acceptable to look up individual words for homework assignments. However, it is not acceptable to translate phrases and sentences using methods such as Google Translate. The use of such online translators will be considered plagiarism.



If you feel you are falling behind or that you do not understand a concept, let me know so that we can arrange a time for tutoring. 


German Club

German Club provides an opportunity for students to have fun with others while learning about German language and culture. The club is open to all WHS students, and those taking German are encouraged to join.