Course Syllabus

Health Science II Honor Syllabus

Ms. Tyler Michael RN, BSN


Room 402


Welcome to Ms. Michael’s Health Science 2 Honors class! This course is developed to help students expand their understanding of the healthcare industry; including employability skills, safety and infection control procedures, and clinical skills used by allied health professionals. In addition, students will demonstrate their understanding of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, learn health care skills such as taking blood pressures, and get CPR certified. Students may be required to pay a fee for the CPR certification. Projects, teamwork, and demonstrations serve as instructional strategies to reinforce the curriculum content.


Proof of Learning (POL) for this class is a Performance-based Measurement (PBM). This means students will complete multiple projects and skill demonstrations throughout the course. These Performance-based Measures will be evaluated using rubrics and weigh heavily into their grade throughout the semester. This PBM does not replace the end of year exam. Health Science 2 Honors will have a teacher made final exam at the end of the class. Teacher made exams are exemptible if students meet certain requirements set by Parkwood High school.


Classroom Rules: In addition to these, all rules and policies set by Parkwood High School will be followed.

  • Be Prompt
    • Be Prepared
    • Be Productive
    • Be Polite
    • Be Positive

Classroom Procedures:

  • Be in your seat and working on the Bell Ringer activity when the bell rings.
    • Cell phones are to be turned off and put away unless otherwise specified.
    •  All drinks must be capped.
    •  If absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and make it up within three days. Tests and quizzes can only be made up before school
    •  Late work will have at least 10 points deducted per day. Reviewed work will receive a zero.
    •  You will be allowed one bathroom trip a week with papers due for additional trips. Phones must be turned in to go to the bathroom.
    •  Stay in your seat until I dismiss you. Do not pack up early. Turn in your “exit ticket” before you leave.

Consequences: ( I reserve the right to skip steps)

  • Warning
    • Seat moved/privilege taken away
    •  Parent contact
    •  Referral to office


  • Praise
    • Prize
    •  Positive note/call home



  • 3 ring binder, 2 inches thick
    • 8 dividers
    •  Loose leaf paper
    •  #2 pencils with erasers
    •  Pens and highlighters
  • Always appreciated: Kleenexes, Hand Sanitizer, Clorox Wipes


Grading PLEASE NOTE: POWERSCHOOL is where your official grades are.

Classwork/Homework makes up 15% of your grade each report card

Projects make up 20% of your grade each report card

Quizzes make up 25% of your grade each report card

Tests make up 40% of your grade each report card

Exemptible Teacher Made Final Exam is 25% of overall class grade



Dear Parents/Guardians,

                I am looking forward to having your teen in my class this year.  I will be teaching Health Team Relations and Health Science I this semester.  These classes are designed to teach and encourage students interested in a career in health care.  These classes place a strong focus on vocabulary and will require studying and homework.  You should see your student using flash cards and reviewing class notes. If you work in the healthcare field and would like to share with the class, please contact me.

                After graduating from Parkwood High School, I attended UNCC pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. I worked several years in various settings in healthcare, including a post-surgical hospital floor, cardiac doctors’ office and the cardiac catheterization lab. I have a passion for teaching, preparing and encouraging children that I am excited to share with your son or daughter.

                I have sent home a copy of my class rules, grading scale, class supplies, contact information sheet and a video permission slip.  Please read and sign those as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact me as needed by phone or e-mail.


Phone: (704) 764-2900




                                                                                                Tyler Michael, RN, BSN

                                                                                                Health Science Teacher PWHS