Course Syllabus

Dear Students and Parents, 

Hello! I'm Casey Zvanut, and I'm happy to be your (your child's) teacher this semester! 

English IV involves studying British Literature, so, yes, that means we are reading some very old and pretty complex texts. BUT, I want them to be relevant for you, so that means we will also be discussing them not only in the context in which they were written, but also applying the themes to our understanding of our own world. 

An English class is also about cultivating effective communication skills, which is why our class will run largely on a seminar structure. I LOVE class discussion, and I believe YOU have something valuable to say, so we will be spending some time early on learning how to talk and how to listen to one another, and how to respond to what we hear. 

I also believe, fervently, that you learn best by taking chances and then trying again. A BIG component of your grade will rest on how well you critically assess yourself and apply what you learn to revise your work. You may find the vagueness of assignments frustrating, but please understand that I am being intentionally vague so that YOU can have more choice in how to showcase your understanding of texts and their ideas. 

I want you to speak up. I want you to ask questions. I want you to get creative and take chances, but most of all, I want you to cultivate YOUR voice so you can go be excellent communicators beyond these walls. I'm excited to get underway! 

Here are my goals for the semester. You'll use these to create your own learning goals soon. 

Materials Needed for Course: 

  • A notebook (composition is fine, or a spiral or binder is also good) 
  • A folder for your writing portfolio
  • Pens, pencils, and highlighters
  • Chromebook

Grades Breakdown: 

My focus is on getting you to critically review your own work and to take steps to improve it by applying what we learn in class. Therefore, here is the weight for grades: 

  • Completion = 10%
  • Comprehension = 20%
  • Revision / Reflection = 30%
  • Published Works (Major Assignments) = 40%


Course Summary:

Date Details Due