Course Syllabus

Honors English III Course Syllabus

Cuthbertson High School                                                                                                                      

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Mrs. Mitchell

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Course Description

According to the Common Core Standards adopted by North Carolina, “English III is an in-depth study of US literature and US literary nonfiction, especially foundational works and documents from the 17th century through the early 20th century.”  The English III course is divided into the following units: “Encounters and Foundations,” “Early Americans/Puritans,” “Creating A New Nation,” “Romanticism/Transcendentalism,” “The Research Paper,” “Realism,” and “Modernism.” Students will complete a four-five page, argumentative, research paper with notecards, outline, MLA in-text citations, and a works cited page.  A four-six minute presentation will also accompany this research paper.  Students will focus on informational, problem/solution, and compare/contrast writing assignments.  Throughout the semester, students will prepare for the ACT, SAT, and the Final Exam. The English III final exam will count for 25% of the total grade.  Grammar is reviewed as needed.  There will be checks given each week over the readings, notes, and vocabulary.



*If quarantined/able to engage with class, it is the expectation students log into the livestream through the googlemeet link sent out through

announcements and complete the activities with the class during the class period.

*If absent due to illness/college visit/etc., it the expectation students view the calendar and complete activities as noted when the student is

feeling better/returns from visit/etc.

*If the student has missed a check, test, or another assignment that cannot be taken home, the student will need to schedule a time

                with me to make up the assignment within five days.

*Students are still accountable for assignments given prior to the absence, however, and they must meet the original deadline. 

*If a test or assignment is announced in advance, and you are absent the day before, you are still expected to take the test/turn in the assignment

                on the day you return.

*If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed.  Before you ask, check Canvas!  See me for clarification if needed. 

Late Work

*Late homework is not accepted because it is reviewed in class the day it is due. 

*Papers/Projects (test grades) are considered late if not submitted at the beginning of class.

*Paper/Project (test grade) assignments will lose 10% each day it is late, up to 50%.  

*If the Paper/Project (test grade) is more than five days late, it will not be accepted and will result in a zero. 


*Daily classwork and homework is posted each day on the board and Canvas (click on the calendar under “Weekly Lessons” icon).

*A Points Grading System is used.

*Students are expected and encouraged to attend tutoring to reach their maximum success in the class. Tutoring is available during Cavalier Period.  Tutoring is also available upon student request every day, except Wednesday, before and after school. If students wish to review previous tests/checks, students must attend a tutoring session for review. 

*Students are to have all technology completely turned off upon entering my classroom.

*Remember, you can print in the Media Center for 5 cents per page. If you need to print, bring your money AND plan your time carefully. 

          You will not be excused for tardies due to printing.  Take computer/printer issues into consideration before assignments are due. 

*Computer/printer issues, sports, activities, other assignments, etc. should be taken into account when completing assignments to ensure

                assignments are completed on time. 

*If there is some type of extenuating circumstance, you must call/email/see me about the issue, before the assignment is due, to find a solution.

*If you have computer issues, you need to see the Desktop Engineer in the media center.

*Take care of using the restroom/grooming/errands BEFORE class.

*I reserve the right to make changes and adjustments to this course syllabus as needed throughout the course of the semester.



Your first 6 weeks will represent 25% of your grade, your second 6 weeks will represent 25% of your grade, your third 6 weeks will represent 25% of your grade, and your final exam will represent 25% of your grade.    

A = 90-100

B = 80-89

C = 70-79

D = 60-69

F = 0-59


Required Materials

2-Composition Books (1 for warm-ups, 1 for notes)                                              

1-Binder (Returned Work, Vocabulary, ACT, Writing)

2-Packages of College-Ruled Paper                                                                         

2-Packages of Notecards for Research Papers


1-Package of Sticky Notes

*Tissues or Wipes would also be appreciated!



  1. Obey all school rules and policies!
  2. Be prepared. Bring required materials (book(s), notebook, paper, pen/pencil, etc.) everyday, unless otherwise directed.
  3. Listen to and follow directions
  4. Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak or move
  5. Talk only when it is permitted. When you make comments during class, please make sure that the comments are appropriate, polite, and relevant.  Do not interrupt the teacher or other students. Do not have side conversations—they are distracting.  Do not talk when your classmates are working quietly—again, distracting.
  1. Do not sleep in class! Do not even put your head on your desk!  If your head is on your desk, it looks like you are sleeping, even if you are not.  So, never ever put your head on the desk. 
  1. No personal grooming in the classroom.

                (No make-up, mirrors, brushes, combs, lotions, perfume, etc. should put on/taken out in class)

  1. No working on assignments from other classes, writing personal notes, etc. If I see you working on homework from other classes , these will be taken away from you and kept.
  1. No cell phones/electronic devices are to be used, unless you have been given direct permission by me.
  2. Have a good attitude, be kind, respect yourself and others, and do your best each day.

**The purpose of these expectations is to establish a safe, supportive, nurturing classroom which allows learning to take place.**


Cheating is A Big No, No!!

Intellectual dishonesty can be found in many forms, is wrong, and is not allowed. 

Cheating includes, but is not limited to, the following:

*Copying someone else’s work.  Do your own work!

*Giving answers to a classmate or asking classmates for answers

*Taking credit for something you did not do

*Looking at or sharing answers while taking a quiz, test, etc.

*Working together with someone when directed to work on the assignment individually.  All assignments are individual unless otherwise directed.  (You will be told when you are able to work with someone else on projects, assignments, etc.)  Never assume you may work with another student without my explicit direction or permission.  If you have a question, ask  me, not another student.  Failure to comply results in the assumption that you are cheating!

*Buying essays, assignments, etc.

*Informing other students about contents of quizzes, tests, etc.

*Allowing someone else, including those on the Internet, to do your work

*Forgetting to document sources (Example: Not including someone else’s ideas without citations, quotation marks, etc.)

*There may be other incidences not listed here, but the meaning still applies.  DO NOT CHEAT!!

These actions will result in a zero on the assignment, parental/guardian contact, and administration contact.


1) Verbal Warning

2) Detention-20 minutes after school

3) Call Home

4) Referral

*Severe actions will be immediately referred