Course Syllabus

Sports & Entertainment Marketing I (MH31) Course Syllabus


Teacher: Mr. Steve Lyons       E-mail:    Phone: 704-296-0105


In this course, students are introduced to the industry of sports, entertainment, and event marketing. Students acquire transferable knowledge and skills among related industries for planning sports, entertainment, and event marketing. Topics included are branding, licensing, and naming rights; business foundations; concessions and onsite merchandising; economic foundations; human relations;
and safety and security.


Materials Needed:

                Three ring binder to include areas for notes, assignments, quizzes/tests & projects

                Loose leaf paper (no spiral bound paper)

                #2 Pencils/Pens (Black & Blue ink)




            90-100                   A                                             Points will be totaled at the end of each grading

                80-89                     B                                             period and the standard grading scale to the left

                70-79                     C                                             will apply. Please keep in mind, that the Final         

                60-69                     D                                                Exam at the end of the year will count 25% of                                      Below 60               F                                              your final grade.


Assignments: Assignments will include                                         Tests: A comprehensive test will be given

student notes and activities.  Class-                                                 at the end of each unit.  A majority of the

work is designed so each student has                                              questions on the test will coincide with

the opportunity to complete most work in class.                           review questions.


Projects: Projects and/or reports will be                                        Class Participation: Class participation is

assigned throughout the semester.  These                                       evaluated on attendance, preparedness, 

are designed to allow students to implement                                 contributions during class time.

their finance or marketing skills.

                                                                                                        Extra Help & Parent Contact: Tutoring

Quizzes: Quizzes will be given on a limited                                 will be offered on an as needed basis.

basis.  Most will be announced in advance;                                  Parents, please feel free to call or e-mail

however, some may be unannounced                                             me at any time regarding your child.

Always be prepared!                                                                                I am usually here about 1 hour                                                                                                                     before school starts and about                                                                                                                                  1 hour after school.

Late Work: Late work will be accepted on

a sliding scale.  1 day late will result in 20%                                 Extra Credit: There will be several oppor-

reduction of grade.  2 days late will result in                               tunities for extra credit throughout the

30% reduction of grade.  3 days late will result                             semester.  I reserve the right to                                                                                                                                     add/delete

in a zero (0) for the assignment.                                                       extra credit points dependent on                                                                                                                          behavior, bathroom                                                                                                                                                procedures, etc...


Classroom Policies and Expectations

Respect – Respect not only me but your fellow students as well.  Please don’t talk out of turn or be loud and boisterous.  You will receive nothing but respect from me and I expect it in return.

Be In Class on Time – Please make every effort to be in class and on time.

Pay Attention and Be Attentive – Don’t lay head down or sleep in your seats. 

No cell phones! – Cell phones are against school policy and mine as well, please don’t have them out at anytime during class.

No Food or Drinks - Creates too many problems.




  1. Warning
  2. Student/Teacher Meeting
  3. Parent Contact
  4. Office Referral




We have read this information and understand the policies, grading scale, CELLPHONE POLICY, and other pertinent information related to Mr. Lyons’ class.   I (student) will return this page to Mr. Lyons for a quiz grade and keep the top page of this syllabus as the first page of my 3-ring binder for this class.  We have also included any phone numbers and email addresses that Mr. Lyons can use for communication.


______________________                ______________________                __________

       Student Name                                          Signature                                      Date



______________________                ______________________                __________

   Parent/Guardian Name                                Signature                                      Date



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                Parent/Guardian Cell #                                  Parent/Guardian Home#




                                                  Parent/Guardian Email Address

Course Summary:

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