Course Syllabus

Syllabus:  Public Safety I

Instructor:  Brian McLamb


Course Description:

This course provides basic career information in public safety including corrections, emergency and fire management, security and protection, law enforcement, and legal services.  Additionally students will develop a personal plan for a career in public safety.  The course includes skills in each area, using resources from the community to help deliver instruction to the students.  English language arts are reinforced.  Apprenticeship and cooperative education are not available for this course.  SkillsUSA competitive events, community service, and leadership activities provide the opportunity to apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills through authentic experiences.

Essential Standards and Indicator Statements

  • Understand common concepts in law and public safety
  • Apply procedures need in used in Community Emergency Response Teams
  • Understand American civic principles
  • Understand the court system
  • Understand the Criminal Justice System
  • Understand the juvenile system
  • Understand careers in law enforcement
  • Understand careers in correction services
  • Understand careers in law and legal services
  • Understand careers in firefighting services
  • Understand careers in emergency medical response
  • Understand careers in security and protective services
  • Understand basic skills in forensics
  • Understand careers in 9-1-1 Telecommunication
  • Understand careers in emergency management services & homeland security

(There are four Industry recognized training certificates that students will obtain through FEMA during the semester.  Students will register with FEMA and create a student ID.  The information will be available in Canvas.  There are no fees required of the student to complete these programs.)


Course Requirements

  1. Attendance and Participation – Regular attendance and participation are essential for satisfactory progress in this course. *Online participation is also required. 
  2. Completed assignments- Each student is responsible for completing all assignments on time and as instructed. 
  3. Team Participation (if applicable) – Each student is responsible for participating in team assignments.

Supplies Needed

  • Students must bring their County issued Chromebook and charger.  The essential course content will be delivered using Canvas, however students will also need to have one spiral notebook (with pockets for handouts)
  • #2 Pencil and/or Pen

Classroom Resources


  • CLASSWORK (25%)
  • QUIZZES (25%)
  • TESTS (25%)

(Homework and Classwork assignments will be outlined and completed in Canvas.  A majority of the assignments will need to be completed in class due to the heavy reliance on classroom discussion and internet)

Make-up Work rules/procedures

  • ALL assignments need to be turned in on time. There should not be ANY late assignments due to the amount of class time spent on assignments.  Late assignments will be accepted, but will have a 2% deduction for each day it is submitted after the due date.  Any assignment can be submitted before the end of that grading period. 
  • Students that are absent for ANY reason MUST check Canvas daily to view assignments that are due. 
  • Assignments will be graded in Canvas and written feedback will be given in the comment section.  Students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to review the feedback, address the issue in the assignment, and then re-submit before the due date to receive a higher grade.  (My goal is to give students immediate feedback)
  • Grades will be entered in Canvas as soon as possible.  Parents are encouraged to check powerschool for grades.  



Scores will determine the letter grade according to the State Grading Scale.

90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

60-69 D

<60 F


Cuthbertson H.S. 

1st Period- Public Safety I

2nd Period- Planning

3rd Period- Public Safety I

4th Period- Law and Justice I


Office Hours- Tuesdays 7am-7:45am / Thursdays 3pm-3:45pm / or by appointment


I can be reached at as needed

Course Summary:

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