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2021-2022 School Year (Semester 1) – Ms. Stacie Makous  /  Voicemail: 704-296-5916 (x5916)

Earth and Environmental Science is a one-semester required course.  This includes three six-week grading periods and a teacher-made Final Exam at the end of the semester.  Earth and Environmental Science is not a lab-intensive course, though hands-on activities will be included whenever possible.  According to UCPS Policy, each grading period will be worth 25% of the final semester grade (75%) and the Final Exam will be worth 25%.  This course is eligible for exam exemption for students who meet the exemption criteria.  For students who are exempted from the final exam, the final course grade will be the average of the three term grades.


At CHS, Earth and Environmental Science blends the Honors and College Prep students into the same classes.  Honors students are responsible for mastering the same curriculum goals and objectives as the College Prep students and they will take the same county and state assessments.  However, Honors students are expected perform at an advanced level in day-to-day lessons.  They can expect to have higher level extension assignments, activities, quiz/test questions, projects, etc., beyond the College Prep program.  Their GPA will be calculated using the UCPS Honors Program scale, and E&ES course assignments and assessments will be weighted differently than CP.  Though students in the Honors program will have more rigorous work to accomplish, the emphasis is more on “quality” than “quantity.”  More information about the College Prep and Honors programs can be found in the 2021-2022 UCPS High School Handbook.



  ●   Science Binder, 3-rings (1.0” ring is a good size; 
        a huge binder is not necessary)
  ●   Dividers for the 3-ring binder (at least 8 tabs)
  ●   Headphones/Earbuds
  ●   Pens and Pencils (typical writing utensils)
  ●   Colored pencils (at least 8 colors)
  ●   Loose-leaf paper
  ●   Charged student computer and charger

Nice to have but not required:
  ●   Your own personal HAND SANITIZER is strongly suggested.  We will sometimes share equipment, touch papers that belong to other students, etc.
  ●   Scissors, Highlighter, Gluestick, etc.
  ●   Calculator (just a cheap simple one)
  ●   It might make life a little easier to keep an “All Day Supplies Binder” (including a 3-ring zipper pouch) to use with all classes.  This helps keep supplies, looseleaf paper, etc., organized in one place.   


The primary focus of this course includes “Earth in the Universe” and “Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes.”  The NCDPI Essential Standards are:

  ●   Earth’s role as a body in space (EEN.1.1)
  ●   Processes and forces that affect Earth’s    
        lithosphere (EEN.2.1)
  ●   How human influences impact Earth’s 
        lithosphere (EEN.2.2)
  ●   The structure and processes within Earth’s 
        hydrosphere (EEN.2.3)
  ●   How humans use water (EEN.2.4)
  ●   The structure and processes of Earth’s 
        atmosphere (EEN.2.5)
  ●   Patterns of global climate change over time 
  ●   How the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and 
        atmosphere individually and collectively affect 
        the biosphere (EEN.2.7)
  ●   Human behavior and Earth’s ability to sustain 
        life (EEN.2.8)

After an initial Introductory/Review Skills Unit, we will begin our studies with the Astronomy and Meteorology Units.


UCPS uses the following scale for report cards:

A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 70-79
D = 60 - 69
F = 59 and below

I generally grade assignments and assessments with a point system.  Most assignments and quizzes are graded with a 100-point scale.  (Quizzes might or might not be announced, so be ready each day to “show what you know!”)  Smaller assignments and quizzes are worth fewer points, as appropriate.  In the term grade, individual unit tests, special projects, and larger assignments are weighted more heavily than regular assignments and quizzes.  (More info to come about this semester’s grading plan.)  

Students are expected to maintain a neat and well-organized Science Binder/Notebook, which is best kept in a 3-ring binder with dividers.  We will maintain the notebook’s Table of Contents together, and students can expect to have a “Pop Notebook Quiz” now and then to make sure the notebook is being maintained as directed.  The materials in the notebook will be an important study resource for unit tests and the Final Exam.  Poor-quality work will result in poor-quality study materials.  Let’s do a good job from the start so we can enjoy great success throughout the grading period.



Assignments submitted on or before the due date = 100% of the earned score.  Classwork is usually expected to be completed during that class period.  Homework is usually expected to be turned in at the beginning of the next day's class period.  (Students will be informed if a due date does not follow this pattern.)

      • Turned in 1 day late = Minus 10% (For example, -10 points out of a possible 100.  Highest score possible is a 90.)
      • Turned in 2 days late = Minus 20%  (Highest grade possible out of 100 points = 80.)
      • Turned in 3 days late = Minus 30%  (Highest grade possible out of 100 points = 70.)
      • Turned in 4 days late = Minus 40% (Highest grade possible out of 100 points = 60.)
      • Turned in 5 days late = Minus 50%  (Highest grade possible out of 100 points = 50.)
      • If an assignment is not turned in by the fifth day, the assignment grade will remain a zero and is no longer eligible for make-up.

* Late Work Policies are subject to change by CHS Administration or UCPS Board of Education.  Students will be notified if there are any changes to the assignment policies.



My online Canvas pages are usually up-to-date and students should check their class page regularly.  Many of my warm-ups, assignments, quizzes and tests will utilize Canvas.  If I am absent (or you are absent), please check my “TODAY IN SCIENCE CLASS” Canvas page for the day’s instructions.  

Though all assignments will be listed in the Canvas "Assignments" section, the Canvas software only records the grades for "Canvas Quiz" assignments.  Your overall Canvas grade is NOT an accurate portrayal of your actual E&ES course grade.  Your actual course grade is whatever is shown in POWERSCHOOL.

The PowerSchool software is where my digital gradebook is kept.  This is where the report card grades come from.  FYI - I do not automatically sync my Canvas records with my PowerSchool records, mostly because I sometimes "curve" the Canvas scores before entering them into PowerSchool. 

PowerSchool is also where student attendance records and class schedules can be found.  



Parents may register for a "Parent Observer Account" to help you supervise your student's grades and assignment completion efforts.  It gives limited access to my Canvas page.  I will email the directions to all parents on my distribution list.  The directions can also be accessed by clicking on the link below.




Basically, do your best each day to be a good person and a responsible student.  Show kindness and respect to others (and to yourself).  Strive to practice honor, integrity, compassion, tolerance, patience.  Do work that you are proud of with the knowledge that you did your best.  Take responsibility for your own actions and learning efforts.

Your personal energy is contagious, whether positive or negative.  Come to class with a smile, ready to participate, and let your positive attitude shine for others to enjoy!  (Please confidentially let me or any other staff member know if you are feeling troubled by negative inner struggles.  We care about you and will do our best to help.)  

Celebrate our similarities; respect our differences.

Have a sense of humor.  Remember, “Pobody’s Nerfect!”  Forgive yourself when you make a mistake; see it as a learning experience, accept the consequences with grace, reflect, and then put it behind you.  Forgive others for their mistakes, too.

Make life at school easy for yourself:  Read the STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT for UCPS and CHS and then comply with it.  It is not worth the trouble it brings if you decide to break school rules (plus it annoys the people around you).  Be cool at school.

Consequences for infractions will be assigned according to CHS and UCPS policies.  The cliché is true:  “You are free to make your own choices, but you are not free from the consequences of those choices.”  Positive choices are rewarded with positive consequences; negative choices... negative consequences.  Let yourself (and others) enjoy a positive day.

Invest yourself in your school.  Cuthbertson High is a fantastic place to be each day, and our students and families are a huge part of why our school is so great!   Personally, I love it here.  I hope you do, too.


Most of my communication with parents is through email.  However, phone calls and in-person meetings are certainly an option when needed.  Please be sure to keep your contact information up-to-date in PowerSchool.  Also, you can use the Google Form link below to provide me with any email addresses that you would like to include on my parent mailing list.  (FYI – For confidentiality, I always put the email addresses in the “BCC” section when emailing all parents.)




Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
I hope you enjoy our semester together!





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