Course Syllabus

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World History Syllabus

Course Description

Instructor:  Michael Matkovich


Textbook: Human Legacy   Holt

Room: E 204


Assessment, Grading, and Discipline

Grading Policy


Grading will be done using a total point system.  Students will need to earn a certain number of points to earn their six weeks grade.  For example:  If the total number of points for a six weeks were 800 then a student would need to earn 750 points for a grade of 93% - A.

Each Standard Unit:

Each Standard will have grades for quizzes, assignments and tests.   


Tests will be given from assigned time periods.  Tests will be announced 1 week prior to assessment.  Study guides will be available.  Test corrections will be available to students who earn these through classwork and homework.  ½ credit will be given for each test correction earned.


Guided Notes  Students are required to complete guided notes before or during class.  Students will need to print out main idea questions that accompany lecture notes presented by the teacher in class.  These Guided Note question will be located on Canvas for printing.  All work must be hand written on the Guided Notes.  Students may go back and add to their Guided Notes during lecture presentations during class, but the teacher will not wait on kids to copy all notes from the board, the bulk of the notes should already be taken on the print out before students enter the classroom.

Classwork/Homework Students will have assignments periodically that to not fall into their video logs or guided notes.  These assignment will be counted as Classwork/Homework grades.  Most of these grades will be simple completion tasks.  Some may be submitted through Canvas, some may handwritten.  

Video Logs  Students will be responsible for completing video logs in class in their composition notebook.  If a student is absent then they may go back and complete the video logs by using edpuzzle.  Video Logs must be hand written.

Make Up Work - See Coach Matkovich upon return from absence.

Discipline  Standard procedure will be followed as in accordance with the CHS student handbook and UCPS policy.  

Class Rule Don’t do anything detrimental to yourself or others around you.



Directions to be a Canvas Observer