Course Syllabus

Beginning Theatre (Theatre I)

Instructor: Todd Ford

 Course Objective

 Beginning Theatre is designed to give students an introduction to playwriting, performance, technical theater and theater history. A variety of source material will be used for scene performance.


Theatre Arts Goals and Objective:

North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Theatre Arts


 Class Topics

  • Vocal & physical warm ups reasoning and practice
  • Monologues
  • Modern scene work (duet scenes)
    • Journal
    • Script analysis
  • Evolution of acting
    • Time line
  • Shakespearean Play 
  • Directing two person scenes
    • Prompt book
    • Rehearsal types
  • Playwriting unit (monologues & short scenes)
  • Production concept  
    • Lighting design
    • Costume design
    • Set design
    • Production scheduling
  • Preparation for Theatre Showcase the week of November 18th. 
    • During rehearsals for the class show, Beginning Theatre Showcase, students will receive a daily rehearsal grade. If a student misses a rehearsal they will be required to watch a video clip of a play, provided on canvas, and write a five sentence summary per day missed. 
  • Comedia Dell’Arte
  • Tennessee Williams (monologues)
  • Monologue and test final


Mandatory Events:

Theatre I's performance opportunity will be The Theatre Showcase. All students will be required to perform in the Theatre Showcase on November 19th. Actors need to be at the school at 6:00 PM and the show will begin at 7:00 PM. If there is a conflict that makes it impossible for a student to perform they need to let Mr. Ford no later than four weeks prior to the performance (except in emergency situations) so that an alternate assignment can be arranged,


Assessments and Assignments:

Students will  be assessed in a variety of ways including but not limited to in class performances, public performances, written tests, projects and written essays.


Make Up Work Procedures:

Students will have two days to make up any work they have missed due to absence. Students may turn in late work wit a deduction of one letter grade per day up to three days after the assignments due date. Missed rehearsals will be made up using the procedure described in the class topics section.


Classroom Expectations 

  • Be on time
  • Bring Necessary Materials to Class
  • Take responsibility for yourself
  • Be Courteous
  • Follow stated procedures for entry and exit of the classroom
  • Follow all safety guidelines including but not limited to social distancing and masks.


Online Learning Platform:

Canvas: The majority of assignments not completed on paper will be submitted on our learning platform, Canvas. Assignments can be submitted a variety of ways including, uploading files, typing into text boxes, and sharing Google documents/presentations. Students will be shown how to submit assignments on Canvas as needed. Individual assignments will indicate which method of submission on Canvas is expected. If students need a refresher or have questions, they can access the Canvas Student Guide for specific instructions. It is the student's responsibility to ensure assignments are submitted on time and to contact the instructor if there is a problem. Please note that student activity is logged while in Canvas so instructors will be able to see if the student opened the assignment, if there was any activity including a log of student activities during on-line tests and quizzes. Students are not allowed to leave the testing window during assessments. Doing so is considered cheating and will be handled as set forth in the Porter Ridge HS handbook.


NOTICE: Although many assignments are submitted and graded in our learning platform, Canvas, the "final" grades shown may not be properly weighted and do not contain assignments that were not graded in Canvas. For the student's official grades, please continue to access the parent portal through Powerschool. Login information is usually sent home with the students at the beginning of the year, and should be the same as last year. If you need assistance accessing the parent portal, please contact the school.


Necessary Materials

  1. Loose leaf notebook paper
  2. Pens or pencils
  3. 1-inch 3-ring binder (for acting notebooks)
  4. A student makeup kit (info will be given during the 1st week of class)


Grading scale

90-100               A

80-89                 B

70-79                 C

60-69                 D

0-59                    F


Grade breakdown:

Homework 30%

Tests and Projects 50%

Journals 20%

*Performances will be counted as three test grades.


Tutoring Hours:

3:00-3:45 Monday and Wednesday



EmpowerED Family Portal

North Carolina Theatre Conference Website


Contact Information:


Phone: 704-292-7662


Course Summary:

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