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Weight Training 2020-21

 Porter Ridge High School 


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Course Description
This course is a demanding individualized course emphasizing improvement of strength and overall fitness.
The course will focus on the benefits, proper techniques, and safety procedures involved in lifting free weights.
This course will have students that are on time, dress out everyday, work hard in class, and have great attitudes.
Course Objectives
To improve strength levels in all bar and bell lifts, core, and flexibility levels
To improve fitness and flexibility levels
To demonstrate proper technique involved in core lifts: bench press, squat, clean, and dead lift
To demonstrate proper technique involved for supplementary bar, bell, & body-weight lifts
To demonstrate proper spotting techniques in all bar and bell lifts
To demonstrate proper personal fitness and flexitbilty habits and techniques
To improve overall understanding of weight room safety, organization, and usage
To understand body systems and muscle groups, and how they relate to WT
To understand rep/set progression, push/pull concepts, etc. and how they relate to WT
To understand the nature of communication, focus, and teamwork, and its relation to WT
Daily Procedures
Students will report to their assinged area in the gym for Attendance
Students will move to the locker room to dress for class
Students will report back to their assigned gym for class
After class, students will report back to locker to dress
 After dressing, students will report back to gym for dismissal
Daily Expectations
Dress every day
Have a lock on your locker
Store in your phone in the office
Work hard every day
Practice safety in the weight room
Show respect to teammates & teachers
Help clean up after every workout
To Learn, To Imporve, To Try
Daily Grade
There are 10 points possible per day:
5pts - Full Dress Out in appropriate attire.
3pts - Participation & Effort in workout
2pts - Respectful and positive attitude
Covid Requirements
Students will wear masks at all time unless engaged in a vigorous activity
Students will practice distancing of six feet at all times
 Students will wash and/or sanitize their hands as much as possible.
Good Luck this Year! 






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