Course Syllabus

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Students are introduced to the billion dollar industry of sports, entertainment and event marketing.  Students acquire transferable knowledge and skills among related industries for planning sports, entertainment and event marketing.  Topics included are branding, licensing, promotion, pricing and naming rights; business foundations; concessions and on-site merchandising; economic foundations; human relations; and safety.


Students are expected to act in a manner that is respectful and courteous and follows the rules set forth by the Union County Public School System:

  • per school policy, no earbuds are allowed in class (student handbook)
  • show respect and courtesy for allclass members and the teacher
  • be prepared daily with required materials
  • be punctual - be seated and ready to begin WHEN the bell rings
  • conduct themselves in a manner which respects all students’ right to learn
  • follow all verbal and written instructions from the teacher
  • no food is permitted
  • a drink with a lid is acceptable
  • always put forth their best effort

 Failure to meet these expectations will result in warnings, individual conferences, detentions (breakfast, lunch, before or after school), parent contacts/conferences and disciplinary referrals.


The following materials are needed on a daily basis:

  • YOUR CHROMEBOOK!!!! (includes charger)

CANVAS and Assignments – Each assignment will have a due date visible in CANVAS.  (Example: Submit 1.01 Notes.  Underneath this in CANVAS will be a date (August 21, 2020).  This is the date the assignment has to be turned in by.  If not submitted on or before that date, assignment will count as a zero.  If the assignment is turned in the following day (8/22/2020) it is considered late and you will lose 60% of the possible points for the assignment.  Assignments are the student’s responsibility.  If you are absent or miss class – Yes, you need to make up the assignment(s).  It is NOT the responsibility of the teacher to remind you that you need to turn in missed work.

SUBSTITUTE Assignments – are due the day they are assigned.  Assignment Submissions – All assignments are submitted in CANVAS. 

A typical class period will involve the reviewing pre-class work, checking homework and reviewing previous material, completing the lesson for the day (notes, activity, video, quiz, test) and reviewing the lesson and instructions for the assignment.




  • Tests = 30%
  • Project = 25%
  • Quizzes = 23%
  • Classwork = 22%


In order to pass Sports and Entertainment Marketing (Honors) and Sports and Entertainment Marketing II (Honors), students must meet the following criteria:

  • Average of 60% for the three six week grading periods (combined)
  • Score of 60% on the EOC test
  • Total of 7 or fewer absences for the semester

Course Summary:

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