Course Syllabus

Ms. Marissa Miller, M.A.

Creative Writing



Available based on 24-hour notice and teacher availability

Welcome to Creative Writing!


In my mind, there is nothing more difficult or rewarding than the act of writing. This style of communication allows humanity to share both their literal and imagined realities with each other. Writing demands your brain to learn and organize information in new ways. Most importantly, the medium allows you to connect with others in a profoundly unique manner. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to guide you through this form of communication and provide you tools that may be utilized beyond the classroom. I want you to think deeply, critically and empathetically. I hope to guide you to better understand yourself through this practice and how to build connections with the world we live in and the people you will meet on your path.

I believe that everyone has something to contribute and that growth is best achieved with a circle of peers who bolster one another. Every member of the class will learn how to offer praise and constructive criticism. 

Please Note: This course is not for everyone. It demands consistent practice of the craft and attention to detail. You will likely end up writing somewhere between 50-80 pages prior to the end of our time together. Although interest is important, your success will ultimately depend on your discipline and determination. 

The culmination of the course will be a portfolio in which you will produce the best version of several types of writing we will work on throughout the course. I will provide class time to work on this, but you will also have to attend to these matters outside of the classroom.

So… Are you ready to begin the adventure?



  • Pens, Pencils & Highlighters
  • Notebook/Composition Book 
  • Google Drive Folders
  • Chromebook + Class Text*


EVERYTHING for the course MUST be in this folder, titled correctly, and shared with me.

Assignments, if paper copy, will be submitted in the organizer at the front of my classroom. If digital, will be submitted on Canvas. Journals will be collected at least 1 per six-week period.



Readings have been selected based on learning objectives.

CP Honors

A Monster Calls


A Monster Calls


We Were Liars + excerpts from King Lear

 *The teacher reserves the right to alter the additional literature list for the benefit of the class.*


Classroom Expectations

Be Respectful

  • Of the Instructor & Others
  • Class Time
  • Classroom Resources

Be Prepared

  • Be Present & Polite
  • Bring Supplies
  • Plan Ahead for Deadlines


Plagiarism Policy


Defined: Copying another student’s work, using another’s work without citing it, and allowing another student to copy your work.

Consequences: A breach of the Student Honor Code will result in the assignment receiving a 0. Depending on the severity of the offense, other disciplinary action may be taken.


Make-Up Work Policy

  • It is your responsibility to seek out any missing work due to your absence. You should always check Canvas and with peers prior to seeking me out for additional information.
  • You are responsible for obtaining class notes from peers due to your absence.
  • Missed quizzes and tests MUST be made up within 1 WEEK of absence.
  • After one week has passed, late work will earn no grade higher than 50%.
  • If you are absent on the day of a presentation/project (planned date) it is not excused and will receive a 0%. A substitution assignment may be submitted for 50%. (Extenuating circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis.)
  • If you will be out for a prearranged longer absence, you must notify the teacher ASAP and inquire about missing work over the course of the absence PRIOR to the planned absence.
  • Long-term assignments (like papers, projects, or presentations) will be due on their scheduled due date (or before) regardless of absence.



Numerical grades will be awarded for assignments. Assignments will be graded out of total points. The weight of the assignment on the final grade is based on the number of points available in the assignment.



Your FINAL will be a collection of the best samples of work you have created over the course of the semester. You will hone your craft with revision, editing, and conferencing with your peers and Ms. Miller. *Exemption is possible, but continued revision is Expected*


Course Summary:

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