Course Syllabus

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Welcome to Health and Physical Education


Teacher: Coach Worsham

Office Hours: Friday 8:30AM - 2:30PM


Phone: 704-292-7662


Course Description:

1. Demonstrate proficiency in the following team sports: (Sports will differ based on social distancing policies.)

2. You will compare and evaluate how to improve individual performance.

3. Demonstrate basic components and knowledge of each sport.

4. Students will complete 12 weeks of Physical Education and 6 weeks of Health Education.


Course Objective- Students will be able to:

1. Plan and implement a personal health related fitness program.

2. Acquire motor skills necessary for successful participation in lifetime sports/activities.

3. Understand and value lifetime participation in physical activity.

4. Understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 


Syllabus: Health and PE Syllabus

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Course Summary:

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