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North Carolina Essential Standards Social Studies – American History Course I: The Founding Principles There will be two required American History courses at the high school level. American History I: The Founding Principles will begin with the European exploration of the new world through Reconstruction. Students will examine the historical and intellectual origins of the United States from European exploration and colonial settlement to the Revolutionary and Constitutional eras. Students will learn about the important political and economic factors that contributed to the development of colonial America and the outbreak of the American Revolution as well as the consequences of the Revolution, including the writing and key ideas of the U.S. Constitution. American History I: The Founding Principles will guide students as they study the establishment of political parties, America’s westward expansion, the growth of sectional conflict, how that sectional conflict led to the Civil War, and the consequences of the Civil War, including Reconstruction.

Essential Standards:

Pacing Guide:


Grading is based on a percentage system.  Each six weeks grade will be comprised of the following three items:

  1. Assessments- 55%
  2. Homework/Class work-35%
  3. Projects- 10%

The final grade for the semester will be comprised of the following four items:

  1. First six weeks final average-25%
  2. Second six weeks final average-25%
  3. Third six weeks final average-25%
  4. North Carolina Final Exam-25%


Parents/Guardians are encouraged to access grades via parent portal online, progress reports every 3 weeks and report cards every 6 weeks.


Testing: Testing for this course will occur once every 1.5-2 weeks.   It is imperative that students study daily for this class, keep up with their work, bring all materials to class, and come to class prepared and ready to work every day.  If students fall behind, it is imperative they communicate with me to attend tutoring.

Final Exam: Please note that this is a required course for graduation and should be taken very seriously. The Final Exam will account for 25% of the student’s final grade in this course.

Tutoring/Extra Credit/Test Corrections:

All students have the opportunity to see me before school Tues, Wed, or Thurs for extra help upon request. I am also available after school Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm-4pm.  The tutoring sign up log is available in my classroom. Students also have the opportunity to make “test corrections” during this time if they fail a test in this class (59% or below). The process is as follows: When the student earns a failing grade on a test they may correct their wrong answers up to a maximum grade of a 60 (D).   Corrections are intended reinforce content mastery. Extra credit is at teacher’s discretion and is not demanded upon request.

Late/Absent Work Policy:

It is the student’s responsibility to see me and receive all missed work after being absent as well as to turn in any assignments or make up any tests/quizzes that were due the day of the absence. If the student misses any tests or quizzes due to an absence they must make them up before/after school.  Please schedule with me accordingly.  Students have two days to make up the work missed for each day absent. When arrangements are not made to complete the work the student will receive no credit.

Late work will automatically be penalized 40 points of the total earned score on that assignment.  An assignment is considered late any time after it is collected by the teacher or passed the due date in canvas.


  • blue or black pens only (no red ink)/Pencils
  • 2 “Binder
  • loose leaf notebook paper
  • colored pencils/markers/crayons (if available) 


Textbook: Holt McDougal: The Americans

EmpowerED Family Portal

UNC TV PBS Learning Media:

Khan Academy:

Online Learning Platform:

Canvas: The majority of assignments not completed on paper will be submitted on our learning platform, Canvas. Assignments can be submitted a variety of ways including, uploading files, typing into text boxes, and sharing Google documents/presentations. Students will be shown how to submit assignments on Canvas as needed. Individual assignments will indicate which method of submission on Canvas is expected. If students need a refresher or have questions, they can access the Canvas Student Guide for specific instructions. It is the student's responsibility to ensure assignments are submitted on time and to contact the instructor if there is a problem. Please note that student activity is logged while in Canvas so instructors will be able to see if the student opened the assignment, if there was any activity including a log of student activities during on-line tests and quizzes. Students are not allowed to leave the testing window during assessments. Doing so is considered cheating and will be handled as set forth in the Porter Ridge HS handbook. NOTICE: Although many assignments are submitted and graded in our learning platform, Canvas, the "final" grades shown may not be properly weighted and do not contain assignments that were not graded in Canvas. For the student's official grades, please continue to access the parent portal through Powerschool. Login information is usually sent home with the students at the beginning of the year, and should be the same as last year. If you need assistance accessing the parent portal, please contact the school.


American History I HN is an honors level course. This course is also available in the Program of Studies at the College Preparatory level. Students earning credit for an Honors level course receive an elevated number of Quality Points for their Grade Point Average. Students choosing the Honors level course should be aware that this Honors level course will include:

  •         Required extension opportunities that are directly related to the Standard Course of Study. This includes additional content beyond that covered in the College Preparatory level.
  •         More challenging coursework and assessments. Students will be expected to demonstrate higher levels of understanding for grades.
  •         Projects and presentations will be more in depth.
  •         Students will have to focus and study regularly to master the content.
  •         The expectation that students can move through the coursework at an accelerated pace and students experiencing difficulty should quickly seek guidance from their teacher on how they can be more successful.


Examples of Honors Differentiation in this Course”


Below is a sample of how the Honors level objectives may differ from those in the College Preparatory level: HONORS level objective

COLLEGE PREP level objective

Am. History Example AH1.H.2.2 Evaluate key turning points from colonization through Reconstruction in terms of their lasting impact (e.g., conflicts, legislation, elections, innovations, leadership, movements, Supreme Court decisions, etc.), project how these issues may influence current or future events.

Am. History Example AH1.H.2.2 Evaluate key turning points from colonization through Reconstruction in terms of their lasting impact (e.g., conflicts, legislation, elections, innovations, leadership, movements, Supreme Court decisions, etc.).

AUDIO/VIDEO TAPING: Since the courts have ruled that an instructor’s voice and physical image are their personal property, the prerogative of the audio taping and/or video recording of lectures is a right specifically reserved to faculty. Should you wish to record using any device you must obtain the permission of the respective instructor in all classes. 


All UCPS Rules Apply:

All PRHS Rules Apply:


Classroom Procedures and Expectations:

Each day will be adapted to accomplish the goals set for that day, however a typical day will go as follows:

  • Students will arrive on time and begin working on the assigned warmup for the day
  • As students finish, they should prepare for the lesson
  • Class time will consist of a review of notes or a discussion of the material
  • Class will finish working on an assignment to reinforce the lesson
  • Any classwork not completed should be finished as homework
  • Lessons for the following day should be looked over at home before class

My class will be designed in an inverted fashion for the year. What this means from a student perspective is that it is the expectation that the material be looked at ahead of time. All notes will be posted online, notes in class is simply where I explain the notes and you add to the structure. What this will do is allow for a much more in depth focus during class time, as well as give the student more time to focus and learn how to apply the material to deeper thinking skills with the discipline of History. It will be expected that every student be able to skillfully express their knowledge through writing or speaking. There will also be occasions that the class period will begin with a quiz on the material that was to be reviewed.

Classroom rules include, but are not limited to, the rules of both Porter Ridge High School and Union County Public Schools. It is my goal as a teacher to create a safe learning environment for all students.

No cell phones (per Phonecon Chart Alert Level)

  • Any cell phone seen will be confiscated
  • Repeat confiscations will result in the cell phone being turned into the office
  • Behavior

Classroom disruptions will not be tolerated and will result in the following

  • Verbal Warning
  • Write up
  • Parent phone call
  • Office Referral

*It should be noted that any infractions that go beyond a verbal warning will be documented this year per rules of PRHS.*



The Chromebooks are an extremely valuable tool for learning history, however they should be treated with that respect.

Students should only use their Chromebooks as they are assigned

Any off task usage will result in the disallowance of use for the day


Contact Info:

You may contact me any time by e-mail

or by phone (704) 292-7662. 


I look forward to a great semester with you.


Course Summary:

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