Course Syllabus

Honors Drafting I

Ms. Batchelor

Room G104 704-292-7662 x 7076



Students in Drafting will learn to apply knowledge associated with high tech and 

basic mechanical applications. Utilizing skills such as math, science, and technology, students prepare for work in a high demand industry. Students will learn to operate AutoCad as well as learn the basics of 3D design. Students will also develop an understanding of spatial relations.


Course Objectives

4.00 Apply CAD User Skills (with use of the following CAD software)
4.01 Apply procedures for working with the User Interface (navigation tools).
4.02 Apply procedures for creating drawings and reviewing geometric shapes.
4.03 Apply procedures for manipulating objects including, grips, object selection, and 

drawing aids.

4.04 Apply procedures for working with the drawing organization, inquiry commands, 

and layers.
4.05 Apply procedures for altering objects.

4.06 Apply procedures for working with layouts, templates, viewports.
4.07 Apply procedures for annotating the drawing and adding text.
4.08 Apply procedures for dimensioning.
4.09 Apply procedures for hatching objects/enhancements.
4.10 Apply procedures for working with reusable content/blocks.
4.11 Apply procedures for creating additional drawing objects, including polylines, 

splines, and ellipses.
4.12 Apply procedures for plotting the drawing.

3.00 Apply sketching skills and techniques for Architectural & Engineering drafting.
3.01 Apply Rough sketching and lettering.
3.02 Apply 2D sketching – Single and Multi-view.
3.02 Apply 3D sketching – Pictorials.

1.00 Understand fundamental concepts and trends of drafting
1.01 Understand BIM, and Rapid Prototyping.
1.02 Understand Industrial Design, Sustainable Design, and LEED.
1.03 Understand career options.
2.00 Understand the Ideation process (big 6 in academia) (SUPPLEMENTAL)


Proof of Learning:

In this course the proof of learning is determined by taking an Industry Certification. 

The certification exam will be taken during the regular class period the last week of 

October 2021, with an opportunity for students to retake the exam the first week of 

November. Scores will be made available in PowerSchool after the second exam attempt. 


Industry Credential:

Students will have the opportunity to earn an industry certification in AutoDesk 

AutoCAD. This being an industry certification, accommodations can be provided for extended time, separate room, and read aloud with proper documentation. Any student wishing to have accommodations honored for the certification exam will need to provide documentation to Certiport. Steps for parents and students to request accommodations can be found here.


Grading Policy

All assignments are available through the end of each six weeks. Late work will have a 5 

point penalty per day until day 10 at which point the highest possible grade will be a 50. Once assignments close at the end of the six weeks, late work will no longer be accepted. All homework/classwork grades are input within two days of due date as listed in Canvas; quizzes are input the same day, and tests are in the gradebook within a week. 

Progress reports/report cards will be sent home every 3 weeks. Students and parents can check grades at any time via the ParentPortal, access information should be the same as the previous school year. 

Homework/Classwork 50% 

Quizzes 20%

Tests 30%


Final Exam Exemptions

This is a teacher made exam, this means you will be able to exempt at the end of the 

semester. In order to exempt the exam you must have either an A or B average (T4, T5, 

and T6) at the end of the semester. 


Final Grades

As per the UCPS Board of Education grades for the semester are calculated as follows:

1st Six Weeks 25%

2nd Six Weeks 25%

3rd Six Weeks 25% 

Final Exam 25%



Tutoring is available every morning from 7:15-7:45. Afternoon tutoring is by 

appointment ONLY.


Supplies Needed

1” 3-Ring binder

¼” Graph Paper

¼” Isometric Graph Paper 

4GB Flash Drive



All AutoDesk software is available for download, free at (This can 

only be done on a PC, and not the school issued Chromebook).

EmpowerED Family Portal (




Students will produce sketches during the first few weeks, before moving on to 

reproducing technical drawings using a computer aided drafting software. There will be several options for creativity as students are tasked with designing items in 3D.


Quizzes may be short answer, drawing, or multiple choice usually ranging 

between 5-10 questions.


There are two main types of tests, drawing and multiple choice. The certification 

exam will have questions based within the AutoCad system. 


Class Procedures/Expectations

Students are expected to be in assigned seats when the bell rings.

Attendance will be taken based on the seating chart, if you are not in your seat you will 

be marked absent.

Students should check Canvas for any information when absent. Students are allowed 

two days for makeup work, for each day missed. 

Students will use the Drafting Lab computers for Drafting only.

Chromebooks are not needed for this course; however, there may be some instances 

where it will be useful.

A bell-ringer/quiz/assignment will be available for students to begin working 


Students will remain at their assigned seats until the bell rings to dismiss for the next 



Classroom Rules

Be respectful of others

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything

No food or drinks allowed in the classroom

No throwing objects or paper

No disruptions of class time

No horseplay

No Internet without permission

No downloading/No games

No phones

No rolling in classroom chairs



The majority of assignments will be submitted on our learning platform, Canvas. Most 

assignments will be uploaded; however, on occasion students will share google 

documents. Quizzes will also be given via Canvas unless they contain sketching. Although grades will show in Canvas the students’ grades in PowerSchool are the official record. 

Honors Drafting I

After reading this syllabus, please sign your name and have a parent or guardian sign in the space provided indicating acknowledging the information stated above.



Course Summary:

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