Course Syllabus

Late Form:

Sewing Machine

This course introduces you to basic sewing and pressing equipment, textiles, introductory level project construction techniques, and techniques for constructing edge finishes. We will be having fun while we create projects! 


Notebook ( Your choice) 

6  plastic bobbins

One package of Assorted Felt 

One  bag of stuffing

4  zippers(2)  White or (2) Black,

Pillow form

2 yards of light weight cotton fabric 

(2) Black and (2) White Coats and Clark thread



Follow school rules

Be here on time

Have materials and supplies on time

No cell phones/other devices unless I say so

No food/drinks near equipment

Limit request to leave room

Avoid excessive talking

Use time wisely

Do your own work and work independently

Use your own assigned equipment. Take care of machine and supplies.

Keep personal work and storage space 

Charges for broken machines/other equipment will be determined if necessary

Discipline plan:

Verbal Warning






Apparel I Syllabus & Projects


  1. Notebook 
  2. Pens, pencils, highlighters, sharpie   
  3. Magic Markers   
  4. Ruler 
  5. Colored Pencil 
  6. Glue Sticks

Grading :

  1. Class Participation/Daily Work    50%            
  2. Tests/ Quizzes     25%
  3. Projects     25%               

All Late work needs to be submitted through the late form:

End of Year Assessment: 100 Question State Test. Test will be given the week of January 10-14.This test counts for 25 % of the students grade. 

State Assessment - Students enrolled in Apparel & Textile Production I will take a 100 question state assessment at the end of the semester as the final measurement of proof of learning.     This assessment will be given during the final week of the semester as their final exam.     The student’s grade for this assessment will count 25% and will be posted in PowerSchool as well as on their report card.