Course Syllabus

Earth/Environmental Science

Marvin Ridge High School

Mrs. Brook Hammers



According to the competency goals set forth by the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCOS) in Earth Science students will:

  • Understand the Earth’s systems
  • Understand matter, energy, plate tectonics, origin, and evolution of the Earth
  • Understand the solar system
  • Become more environmentally aware
  • Understand the cycles that circulate energy and material through the earth system



To achieve these goals, students will:

  • Come to class prepared to learn with the necessary materials
  • Show effort and enthusiasm with appropriate behavior
  • Recognize, apply, and incorporate scientific inquiry into their daily lives
  • Work together as a team to meet daily expectations


Daily Expectations

Students will:

  • Be in assigned seats when the bell rings
  • Bring ALL material to class daily
  • Begin any daily assignments posted on the board
  • Have all due assignments ready to hand in, stapled with proper format
  • Follow classroom management rules
  • Adhere to ALL school rules, regulations, and policies set forth by the school and Union County
  • Return all class materials and supplies to their proper place
  • Remain in seats until dismissed
  • Leave the room neat and orderly, with chairs pushed in and desks straightened
  • Always be kind, courteous, and respectful of others


Canvas – MOST assignments need to be submitted here

Powerschool – ALL grades will be submitted here

Email -


3-ring binder (1-2”)                             1 pack of dividers(5)                           blue/black pen

#2 pencils                                            college ruled paper                              ruler

Markers                                               colored pencils                                    Homework Folder

Hand held Pencil sharpener                calculator (recommended)


EXTRA CREDIT – I don’t give extra credit.  There may be opportunities in class to receive some extra points but there is NO EXTRA CREDIT assignment given at the end of the year.


GRADES – I use a total point system.  Do NOT email me about grades, they will not be discussed over email.  If there is a discrepancy then talk to me about it, before, during, or after class OR Fridays during office hours



Classroom Assessment

Each assignment will be designated with a total amount of points and you will earn points based on your performance. Many assignments will be graded on a rubric which will be provided in advance. It is the student’s responsibility to keep a detailed calendar and expect all assessments. Since notes and some assignments are posted on my Canvas site, it will be very helpful bookmark that page on your computer. There will be labs, activities, quizzes, formal lab reports, formal tests, essays, research projects and notebook grades.


Late Work

You have 2 days after your absence to complete any work you have missed, including tests.  For example, if you were absent on Monday, return on Tuesday you will have til Thursday to make up your missed assignments.  Please see me individually if there are extenuating circumstances prior to due date.  I’m not going to hunt you down to get your homework to me or hound you about a test you missed…its your responsibility.  I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY LATE WORK THAT IS DUE TO YOU LEFT IT AT HOME, YOU FORGOT, ETC……ONLY IF YOU WERE ABSENT ON THAT DAY.  Due dates will be set for each assignment



As your son/daughter’s teacher, I will treat all students equally and with respect.  I strongly believe that effective parent/teacher communication will promote the academic success of students at Marvin Ridge High School.  In order to facilitate communication, please NEATLY fill in your current e-mail address (if applicable) and phone numbers at the bottom of this sheet.  I will use this information to send periodic e-mail updates for our class.  In addition, I can only discuss student grades with you via e-mail if I have received written permission from you to discuss grades through e-mail.  To facilitate communication, you may sign at the bottom of the page to give me permission to discuss grades with you via e-mail.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at school (704-290-1520) or email me at  Again, I am looking forward to this semester with your student.




Brook Hammers


As a student in Ms. Hammers’ class, I agree to:

  • Follow procedures and expectations as outlined in the attached letter
  • Abide by policies outlined in the school handbook
  • Attend class regularly and be on time
  • Be courteous and respectful to my peers, my teacher, and my school
  • Stay on task in class and complete homework assignments


STUDENT NAME:______________________________________________________


STUDENT SIGNATURE:________________________________________________


As a parent/guardian of a student in Ms. Hammers’ class I:

  • have read the course requirements/classroom management information sheet for my child.
  • understand this sheet will be kept in my child’s earth science notebook for reference.
  • understand records or grades will also be kept in my child’s earth science notebook for my review and parent signatures will required on all progress reports and specified assignments to show my child’s progress.
  • will let Ms. Hammers know of any special medical, physical, mental dietary needs below that she should be made aware of (confidentially) that may impact my child’s learning.
  • will contact Ms. Hammers with any questions or concerns.


Please read the following statement and sign below if you agree to the statement:


I give Ms. Hammers permission to discuss my student’s grades and/or behavior in Earth Science class through email for this academic school year.



PARENT NAME:____________________________________________________________________


PARENT SIGNATURE: ______________________________________________________________


PARENT EMAIL:____________________________________________________________________



MOTHER:     CELL/HOME:_______________________                        WORK:_____________________

FATHER:      CELL/HOME:_______________________                        WORK:_____________________


Course Summary:

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