Course Syllabus

Bienvenue au cours de Français 4 

Madame Jones


Bonjour les parents et les élèves,

Bienvenue au cours de Français 4!  The French language is important in today’s global world, and I want your student to understand the value of what he/she learns during French 4 and how to make it meaningful in his/her community and life. 

This advanced-level class will enable students to appreciate the diversity of the Francophone world and to further their communication skills.  By meeting each day, students will have the opportunity to enhance their language learning experience and develop their proficiency.  French 4 encompasses the essentials previously learned in Levels 1-3 and uses them at a higher, more advanced level.  Class will be conducted solely in French, and students are expected to use the target language at all times to communicate with me and with their classmates.  While speaking, writing and listening skills will be strengthened, a greater emphasis will also be placed upon grammar and Francophone literature and current events.

Learning a foreign language is a challenging experience, but it is also extremely rewarding.    Students, I look forward to watching you grow in your proficiency and ability to communicate.  Parents, I encourage you to support your student and to emphasize the importance of being proficient in a second language, studying other cultures and becoming a global citizen.  C'est parti!

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Contact Information


Téléphone : 704.290.1520          

My preferred method of correspondence is by e-mail, and I will try to return all e-mails and phone calls within 24-48 hours, if possible.


Students should check they Canvas class daily.   For each week, there is a module where students will find lessons, notes, activities and assignments.  Each task has the date in its title so students can clearly identify the necessary content.

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Tips for success:

  • Be ready to start class on-time.  This course moves at a fast pace.
  • Write your notes and organize them by date - this will help you better remember the information and where to find it.
  • Practice the Quizlets, Kahoots and Gimkits that are provided.  Take advantage of the resources available to you.
  • Ask questions to further your understanding.  Be responsible for your learning.

Supplies and Materials

  • Three-ring binder with a pocket
  • Notebook paper
  • Expo marker
  • Earbuds that are compatible with your Chromebook.

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Expectations and consequences

Students are expected to uphold the expectations according to the UCPS and MRHS Codes of Conduct.   

Grading Procedures

Students are assessed in a variety of ways, such as, tests, quizzes, homework, class work and performance in class.  A point system is used for all grading and the following points are approximate:

  • Homework assignments: 10 points (sometimes 20 for longer ones)
  • Quizzes: 50-60 points
  • Tests: 100 points
  • Class performance/Speaking: 50-100 points

Grades are updated in Power School once a week on Friday.  Please allow approximately one week before tests and/or major assignments are posted.



Homework is an extension of what we have completed in class and will be assigned most days.  While learning a foreign language, it is very important to practice the language as often as possible.  Homework is to be completed upon entry to class and will be accepted late only with an excused absence note.  Sometimes homework is graded for accuracy, but mostly it is graded for completeness. 

  • Assignment is entirely done and legible – 10 pts.
  • Assignment is half-finished and shows some effort – 5 pts.
  • Assignment is not complete, illegible and/or not finished on-time - 0                                                                  

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Students are responsible for any missed class work and notes during their absence.  They will have two days to complete the missing assignments and to take a quiz/test or the missing work/quiz/test will be scored as a 0.  Before/During their absence, students are encouraged to e-mail me in order to keep me informed.  Students who miss class the day before a test and/or quiz are expected to take the assessment on the originally assigned date.


Students are expected to produce their own original work.  An on-line translation agency (or similar service) may be used for translating a single word, not for translating sentences or extensive phrases.  An appropriate website for an on-line dictionary is www.wordreference.comWork is to be done at an appropriate French 4 level.  If student work is not original, it will automatically be graded as a 0.



On Canvas, I have posted helpful websites that will enable students to practice vocabulary, grammar and listening activities at home.  There is a wealth of helpful information on the Internet that can assist students who have questions or students who want to further their learning.  There are excellent instructional videos on YouTube, interesting lessons on TV5 and BBC on-line and grammar and vocabulary review on and  On Mondays and Tuesdays, I will offer tutoring by appointment in my classroom until 3:40.

Thank you for partnering with me to ensure the success of your student!


Madame Jones

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Course Summary:

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