Course Syllabus

Ms. Stuntz                                      


Marvin Ridge High School




Welcome to Physics!  Physics is an amazing course that combines mathematical reasoning with practical everyday topics such as forces, gravity, machines, sound, light, and electricity.  It is my hope that you will learn to appreciate the world around you in a more detailed and analytical way.

BEHAVIOR and Expectations:  I expect cooperation in maintaining an environment conducive to learning.  The following general expectations are to be followed:

           Classroom Behavior:

  • Be prompt getting to class and into your assigned seat.
  • Maintain physical distancing.
  • Do not deface school property. Please do not write on desks, tables, etc.

General Behavior Instructions:

  • Follow directions.
  • Be prepared for class. Have your textbook, calculator, pen/pencil, notebook/folder, etc.
  • Do your own work.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Chromebooks are to be used only for instructional purposes.

Things that absolutely will not be permitted in our classroom include use of cell phones (unless specially permitted during instruction), electronic devices, foul language, disrespectful, violent or bullying behavior, cheating, plagiarism and horseplay.

ASSIGNMENTS:  Many assignments will be submitted in Canvas.  You will need a scanning app for your phone (these are free) that will take clear and legible “multiple page PDF’s” of your worksheets and written work.  You will upload these files into Canvas.  If I cannot read the file (because of a faint scan or illegible handwriting, no credit will be given.  Also, no credit will be given if you only show the answer without showing the detailed work (given, diagrams, formulas, substitutions, etc.)  in a neat and logical way.


  • Tests/Projects: 50%
  • Quizzes/Lab Reports: 25%
  • Classwork/Homework: 25%


  • Tests will be given at the end of every unit.
  • Quizzes will be given frequently to address content needs.
  • Homework/classwork is given daily and it will be started as soon as the lecture is complete.

TEXTBOOK:  You will each be issued a textbook, Physics: Principles and Problems, published by Glencoe 2005.   Please take good care of your assigned book.


           Metric ruler


           Calculator (graphing)

           Notebook (graphing composition notebook preferred)

           Folder to organizing worksheets

GENERAL COMMENTS:  I ask that each of you give your best effort in class.  I expect that you will work hard, to the best of your ability.   

Basic Outline:

This honors level physics course contains the ideas necessary to build a basic foundation in the subject and to prepare the student to enter university level physics.  The topics covered are as follows (the numbers in parentheses refer to chapters in the textbook):

First six weeks:

Unit 1:  Motion (Kinematics)                                                                       (2-3)

Unit 2:  Forces (Dynamics)                                                                        (4-5)


Second six weeks:

Unit 3:  Projectile Motion                                                                            (6.1)

Unit 4:  Circular Motion and Gravitation                                              (6.2; 7)

Unit 5:  Momentum                                                                              (9)


Third six weeks:

Unit 6:  Work, Energy, and Power                                                            (10-11)

Unit 7:  Waves, Sound, and Light                                                             (14-18)

Unit 8:  Electricity and Magnetism                                                             (20-24)