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Welcome to DP IB Chemistry HL, First Year (B-DAY) 

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Chemistry, the study of matter and the changes it undergoes, "is an experimental science that combines academic study with the acquisition of practical and investigatory skills.” This class will provide opportunities for hands-on activities and cooperative learning. A majority of this class will be inquiry (learning to think on your own, problem solving, inferring, and drawing conclusions) and reading-based. This course can be very challenging and therefore require all students to come to class each day prepared. Students will engage in labs, interactive group simulations, and strategies to be successful in this class. 

With that said, I look forward to having a wonderful year with you all along this journey!

Syllabus and Safety Documents

Syllabus/Class Expectations 

Safety Document (SafetyFlinn)

Useful Materiaences/References

IB Chemistry Guide 2016

IB Data Booklet 2018

Writing A Good IB Chemistry Lab

IA Guide 2016

IA Rubric 2016

Experimental Data: Propagation of Uncertainties Link

Demo Experiments


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