Course Syllabus


Math 4 Syllabus                                          Ms. Tolson                     

Course Description: In Math 4 we will further extend some of the concepts you studied in Math 1, 2 and 3; specifically graphing functions, logarithms & trigonometry, and review ACT topics. The second half of the course we will study statistics and apply to real-life situations. Math 4 will give you a foundation for higher level mathematics courses in high school or college. For a more specific outline of what topics will be covered, you can visit the NCDPI website at view the Math 4 course standards.

Grading: Points system with the following percentages.

50% Assessments: Test or Project

30% Quizzes

20% Homework/Classwork

Homework: Homework is assigned daily and often worked on in class. Appropriate work is expected to be shown for all assignments and reflect what was learned during class instruction. Homework credits will be graded per assignment as follows.

4 points: full credit

late or incomplete: lose 10% per day, lowest grade 50%

(late HW must be turned in before the test on that unit)

0 points: missing assignment or no work shown or did not follow instructions

Canvas: HW assignments will be submitted on Canvas as instructed by uploading JPG or PDF files.

  • Students should have the Canvas Student App on their phone, along with a free scanning app such as Genius Scan or Cam Scanner.
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure assignments are submitted on time and to contact the instructor if there is a problem.
  • Students should view submissions to ensure the correct document was successfully uploaded.
  • Emailing assignments to the teacher directly or sharing as a Google Doc instead of submitting through Canvas is not accepted.

Notes: Notes will be posted on Canvas and can be printed at home as needed.

Cell Phone Policy: We will be utilizing the classroom cell phone pocket holder for cell phones. I will instruct students towards the end of class when they are allowed to get cell phones for uploading assignments to Canvas.

PowerSchool: Although some assignments are submitted and graded in Canvas, Canvas grades are not always be correct due to assignments that need grading review, etc. Please always use PowerSchool for the most up to date course grades. I don’t send grades to PowerSchool from Canvas until they are up to date for all students. 

Online Honor Code: Students are allowed to collaborate and use resources for reference on any assignment but are required to complete and submit their own work. Using photo math or like programs is obvious and will also result in zero credit. Please read below carefully!

**Copying all or part of an assignment from a classmate or copy/pasting or submitting any part of an assignment that is found on the internet is plagiarism/cheating and will result in a zero for the assignment.**

Supplies: Each day you will need Chromebook, pencil, paper, binder or notebook. It is required to have a TI-84 graphing calculator for this course; the same calculator as required for Math 3. Note we will also use Desmos online graphing during the course which is a free resource.

Extra Help: It's important to stay in communication with me throughout the semester. If you are struggling, please let me know early so we can arrange for extra help. I am here to support you.

Students: Please use CANVAS INBOX for all Math 4 communications. Simply click the Inbox icon in the far left panel from any Canvas page. It works just like email but keeps my student communications all in one place.

Parents: You may email me at with any questions or concerns.

I will respond to all Canvas Inbox messages from students or email inquiries from parents within 24 hours not including weekends and school holidays. 

End of Course Exam: There will be a teacher administered final exam for the class. Per UCPS policy, students may exempt a teacher-made final exam if they meet the exempt criteria.

Absences: It is the student’s responsibility to make-up work when absent. Daily assignments are posted to Canvas and can be worked on at home if quarantined and not sick. If a student is unable to attend for a prolonged period of time due to illness or injury, accommodations will be made accordingly. Tests will be taken in person upon returning to school. Students must contact the teacher to arrange a time for make-up tests.

Behavior: Students are expected to act in a polite and respectful manner to the teacher and all students in the classroom. If a student causes class disruptions or fails to comply with classroom behavior expectations; parents will be contacted and student may be referred to Administration.

I am looking forward to a fun semester of math learning and building relationships with students!

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