Course Syllabus

Syllabus - Foods 1                                                                     Mrs. Corday

Marvin Ridge High School                                               

Welcome to Food and Nutrition 1

Overview of Course

  • Understand the relationship between food choices and health.
  • Understand fundamentals of food preparation.
  • Understand procedures, nutrition and cooking methods in food preparation.
  • Understand procedures, equipment and techniques applied to baking production.
  • Understand the principles of etiquette for meal service.
  • Apply methods for meal planning and preparation.

Supplies Needed:

2 college ruled 100 page notebooks

6 Elmer’s Glue sticks

Earphones - for the computer. 

Classroom Rules

Be prepared daily with ALL required materials.

Be respectful and nice.

Pay attention and stay awake.

Complete the work required of you and always put forth your best effort.

Follow all school rules.

Be in your seat and ready to begin when the bell rings.

Clean up after yourself.

Cell Phones- Cell phone use is not permitted in class. 

Grading Policy

Quizzes, labs, classwork, class participation and projects will determine each six week grade. A point system will be used. Everything will be given a point value ranging from 1 – 100 points. Each six weeks is worth 25% of your final grade. 

Students enrolled in Food and Nutrition I will take a 100 question state assessment at the end of the semester as the final measurement of proof of learning.  This assessment will be given during the final week of the semester as their final exam.     The student’s grade for this assessment will count 25% and will be posted in PowerSchool as well as on their report card.   Students will also work on obtaining the ServSafe Food Handler Industry Certification.   This Industry Certification will be administered in class approximately mid way through the semester.  Students will have access to their results in their ServSafe Account.

Final Grade

First six week grade……..25%    Second six week grade….25%   Third six week grade…….25%   Final Exam…………….…25%

Absence / Make – Up work Procedure: Upon returning to school following an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work. There is a binder in class with the information on what work was missed. 

Quarantine - In the event that you are at home under quarantine you will be able to access our class agenda and information on Canvas. If the entire class or school is under quarantine we will meet virtually on Microsoft Teams. I will contact you through Canvas announcements and email to keep you updated if this happens.

Chromebooks: Students are expected to bring their charged Chromebooks to class each day. We will use them frequently.

Homework: Most of our work will be completed in the classroom unless the work is not completed in class.  Occasionally there may be topics to research at home

**For the first two 6 week sessions each student will be required to prepare one class recipe at home. They will then have someone at home complete a survey about the preparation, presentation, taste and clean-up. Please encourage your student to share the recipes and cook what they have learned J

Cooking Labs We will have cooking labs every Friday. Your students look forward to this every week and their lab partners rely on them. Please plan their doctor appointments and your vacations accordingly. 

There will be a final project in Foods I: The student will be the meal manager for one recipe at school. This includes planning the menu, shopping for the ingredients, preparing and presenting the food prepared.

Wish List:

These items are not required but would greatly benefit our class.

Disinfectant wipes                        Tissues                             Ziploc bags (gallon size)

Napkins                 Paper towels            Parchment Paper

Remind- Remind is a user friendly platform that I will be using as an additional form of communication with your students. Students do not need the Remind app!! Students can click on the link associated with their block below for instructions on signing up!

3rd Block

4th Block

Foods 1 Safety Agreement- Your son/daughter will have the opportunity to use cooking appliances, equipment, and utensils as part of this course. Appropriate instruction in the safe and proper operation of this equipment is given as part of class instruction. Although close supervision is maintained at all times, and safety precautions are taken through classroom rules and proper training, the ‘hands-on’ activities in this class present a potential hazard. Students are expected to observe all safety rules and procedures for safe operation of kitchen appliances, equipment, and utensils. They are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and professional manner. Failure to conduct themselves in a safe and professional manner may result in suspension from lab activities.

Please fill out the following google form to acknowledge you have read the class syllabus and answer a few important questions. Google Form.  Thank you!

Contact Information: I am available during 2nd block by appointment only. Please feel free to contact the school and leave a message (704) 290-1520, or you may email me at


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