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Welcome to Chemistry (Honors)! “Chemistry is an experimental science that combines academic study with the acquisition of practical and investigatory skills.” This class will continue to seek opportunities for students' hands-on activities and cooperative learning. Major topics in the Chemistry I Honors course include but are not limited to atomic structure, formula and equation writing, bonding, solutions, ionization, kinetic-molecular theory, acid-base theory, and the interrelations and impact of chemistry on society.

To be successful in this class you should have strong math and problem-solving skills. My goal is to develop your critical thinking skills and prepare you for IB/AP chemistry and beyond if you choose to take it.

I look forward to having a great semester with you all studying chemistry!

Online Reference Text

Chemistry Reference (PDF)

Course Materials

  • Pens and pencils
  • Three-ring binder with paper to take notes and hold handouts
  • Scientific calculator
  • Planner to record assignments

Wish list: Tissue, hand-sanitizer, dish, and/or hand-washing soap and paper towels. Any donation will be greatly appreciated!

Course Syllabus and Safety Documents

Chemistry I Honors Syllabus 2021-2022

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Other Useful Materials/References 

Chemistry Reference Table.pdf 

Web Periodic Table of Elements

Units Conversion Tutorials


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