Course Syllabus

English III

Ms. Marcia Larr

Room E103


American Literature 11th grade is an extensive study of American literature from the 17th century and the foundations of our country to the present.  Students’ studies will correlate with the state Common Core Anchor Standards with emphasis on the reading of literature, fiction and nonfiction, as well as informational text.  Students will also have writing at different levels with a research project based on a classical novel but argumentative in nature using sources other than the book to support their argument.  ACT/SAT practice writing and activities focusing on the writing component and grammar found on the ACT/SAT will supplement their study of literature. Students will finally practice skills that will be important to such as note taking strategies, editing, and planning.  Other items students will be involved in include projects, presentations, and speeches.


Materials needed

  • 3- ring binder and dividers
  • loose leaf paper – college-ruled
  • Pens, pencils, highlighters
  • Color pencils
  • Selected novels (downloads or School Library)


Assignments are posted weekly on the class web page. 1st marking period will be Moodle and then there will be system change to Canvas.


Written assignments and activities are submitted to the web page.


Please activate your PAM account in order to review your student’s grades on a regular basis.  Please contact Ms. Baker in the front office for instructions on acquiring your log-in information.  You must come to the school with a picture ID.


Text used: -

  • Holt Literature
  • Documents loaded to web page
  • Novels:  The Red Badge of Courage, Farewell to Arms, The Great Gatsby, The Crucible, and The Scarlet Letter.
  • *Please sign the UCPS novel permission forms located on web page as well as the movie permission forms




Grading scale- WEIGHTED

  • Test and Projects = 40%
  • Quizzes +25%
  • Classwork and Homework = 10%
  • Writing = 15%
  • Formative Assessments (Benchmark and MSL practices) 10%



Behavior and Expectations

  Students are expected to follow all rules, guidelines, and expectations as explained in the UCPS county policy and the student handbook.  Both of these documents can be viewed from  the MRHS webpage. 


Late Work – Written assignments are posted to Moodle and will have a date and time to complete before the assignment is locked and you must submit it to me in order for it to be posted.  Work is due the next day after a one day absence.  If you were out more than a day, see me for instructions.


A school sanctioned event does not count as an absence and therefore you should turn in your assignments before you leave.


Research Project: Students will be involved in a research project that is a part of the 3rd marking period average.




Please sign the next page and include all required forms.  Thanks






Please sign below that you have read the syllabus and return to Ms. Larr.




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Student – print and sign                Parent – print and sign        date




I have included signed copies of:


Movie permission form

In class novels permission forms

Course Summary:

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