Course Syllabus

¡Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español!


Welcome to 6th grade Exploratory Middle School Spanish! This 6-week course  is designed to help students begin to develop basic vocabulary, listening and speaking skills in Spanish. The study of Hispanic culture is integrated for students to have a better understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Content to be learned (on modules in CANVAS) (not necessarilly in this order).

Why study Spanish?

Spanish Speaking Countries

Greetings and good-byes

Cognate words

Days and months

Numbers up to 31




Spanish Speaking Countries

Supply list 

-  Composition notebook

-  Earbuds (noise cancelling) 

 - Pencil


Parents are welcome to contact me by their preferred method. Email:  At school:  704-290-1540  

 Office Hours: Fridays 2:015 - 3:15 AM

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Course Summary:

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