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Welcome to Mr. King's Audio Engineering II - Honors Class. I have high expectations for each student and will demand hard work and positive attitudes from you every day. I will provide a safe and challenging environment so you have the opportunity to develop a working knowledge of music composition and recording skills used in today's industry. My goal is to provide you with opportunities that will allow you to be creative, but also meet the demands set upon you. If these expectations are met, then we can began the process of having fun!


Audio Engineering II - Hon will help the student master advanced skills in the areas of audio theory, Pro Tools workflow, recording techniques, and more. The chart below outlines each course objective and the % of class time spent on each.

The concepts you will be expected to master in this course are as follows:


Audio Engineering II - Honors


Song Structure/Form (10%)


Learning song forms, song genres


Understanding the Mix (40%)


Learn the complex methods of producing music that sounds like professional sounding songs


 Mixing Techniques (10%)


Applying mixing techniques that include Panning, EQ, Compression, Reverb, & Delay


Advanced Pro Tools Techniques (20%)


Utilizing some of the advanced features in Pro Tools


Advanced Recording Techniques (10%)


Learning how to set up equipment for professional quality sounds, recording multiple instruments and experimenting with different setups to assist in the mixing process


Finalization and Exporting (20%)


Learn the complex methods of exporting music for mass publication like cd's or streaming


Documenting and Producing


Learning to document the procedure and build a portfolio to document exactly how the song was produced


  1. Show respect and courtesy for teacher and all classmates.
  2. Conduct yourself in a manner which respects all students’ right to learn.
  3. Follow all UCPS, CATA and Classroom Rules and Procedures as outlined in the student handbooks and course agenda.
  4. Stay on task at all times and put forth your best effort.
  5. Have a positive attitude!

Required Supplies

  • Pencil or Pen
  • Headphones/ear buds for video/audio assignments
  • Flashdrive (8GB min)

Internet Policy

Students will use the school network and Internet on a daily basis to access instructional websites and project resources. All students are expected to abide by the UCPS Acceptable Use policy when using the school network. The streaming of audio and/or video, playing games on the computer without permission, the use of chat rooms, Facebook, YouTube, instant messenger, email, twitter, proxy servers or using the Internet for non-educational purposes is prohibited. Violations will result in disciplinary action.

Honor Code:

The work that you submit represents your learning, and so it represents you.  Therefore, your work must demonstrate both your integrity and honor.  Anyone caught cheating or plagiarizing on any assignment, from homework to exams, will face strict penalties.


 Mr. King's Classroom Procedures

Entering Classroom

  1. Sit at your assigned student desk/computer. 
  2. Begin the warm-up activity or classwork as soon as the bell rings.


  1. Always read instructions before asking for help.
  2. Ask your neighbor or team leader if the teacher is with another student,


  1. Use only the equipment assigned to you.
  2. Leave computer settings alone, they are not to be changed.
  3. Handle equipment with extreme care, you may be held responsible for repairs.
  4. Check your computer at the beginning of class and let me know immediately if something is missing or not working.
  5. Intentionally damaging or causing disruptions with equipment will result in disciplinary actions. 

Out of Seat

  1. Remain in your seat when the teacher or another student is teaching or giving instructions.  Raise your hand if there is an immediate need.
  2. You may quietly sharpen pencils, throw away trash, get needed materials, etc. during independent work.


  1. Remain quiet when the teacher or another student is teaching, presenting or giving instructions.
  2. Raise your hand when you are answering questions or asking questions.

Leaving the Classroom

  1. You must get permission from the teacher before leaving the classroom.
  2. Take a hall pass when you leave the class room (you may need to fill it out and get a teacher signature).

Missed Work

  1. Each student is responsible for getting missed assignments when absent.
  2. Missed work must be made up within 2 school days of returning to class.
  3. Missed Tests must be rescheduled within 2 school days of returning to class.
  4. Daily assignments are posted on the class Canvas page and in the classroom.


  • 40%  Labs/Classwork (Warm-Ups, Notes, Study Guides, Worksheets, Assignments Individual/Group)
  • 10% Participation (Working diligently and participating in group projects)
  • 20%  Quizzes (Vocabulary, Objective Quizzes, File Organization)
  • 30%  Tests/Projects (Objective Tests, Benchmark, Objective & Final projects)
  • All assignments will appear in gradebook
  • Report Cards every 6 weeks and Progress Reports around weeks 3, 9, 15
  • FINAL EXAM is 25% of course grade

Access Parent Portal to view gradebook

Late Work Policy

Late work WILL be accepted, but with a penalty (unless otherwise specified).  All work must be submitted prior to the end of the grading period for which the work was assigned. 

Any work that can not be made up will be marked as a ZERO in the gradebook.

Any work where the student has the opportunity to still turn it in but the assignment has already been graded, the grade will marked as a ONE in the gradebook.

End of Class

Remain at your desk until dismissed by the teacher, not the bell.

Fire Drills, Tornado Drills, Lockdowns

  1. Follow the teacher’s instructions and take all safety drills seriously.
  2. Fire drills - exit to the far side of teacher parking lot and remain with your class.
  3. Tornado drills – kneel down facing the wall just outside the classroom.
  4. Lockdowns – sit in the front of the classroom and remain completely silent.

CANVAS Classroom Online-Learning Platform & Resources

  1. Warm-ups, assignments, quizzes and uploading files will be done through Canvas.
  2. Check due dates. It is the responsibility of each student to submit work on time.
  3. Canvas logs every student submission with a date and time.
  4. Grades in canvas reflect only the specific assignment grade and are NOT the teacher’s gradebook. Check the Parent Portal on Powerschool for student’s true average grade for each course.
  5. Link to Student Guide for Canvas questions:
  6. Link to EmpowerED resources: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


     The majority of assignments will be submitted on Canvas.  Assignments can be submitted a variety of ways including, uploading files, typing into text boxes, and sharing Google documents/presentations.  Students not having used Canvas before should alert the teacher and they will be shown how to submit assignments on Canvas.  Individual assignments will indicate which method of submission on Canvas is expected.  If students need a refresher or have questions, they can access the Canvas Student Guide for specific instructions.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure assignments are submitted on time and to contact the instructor if there is a problem.  The Canvas Learning Platform logs every student log-in on Canvas which provides teachers with a list of when students log-in to Canvas using their user id. 

     Canvas is used to grade assignments as well, however, the grades in Canvas, while accurate to that assignment, are NOT the teacher’s gradebook.  The teacher’s gradebook includes categories of assignments that may be weighted differently and may include grades for assignments that did not use the Canvas Learning Platform.  Therefore, students and parents should always check their child’s true average on the Parent Portal on Powerschool.



Regular school attendance is required by state law, but some situations an not be avoided. If you are absent, please provide documentation for your absence if possible. Once you return to school, please meet with Mr. King to go over any work missed for the class.

If you are aware in advance of your absence, please let Mr. King know so you can receive all make up work prior to being absent.


At CATA, instruction is very important. All students are expected to be in their classrooms and ready to receive instruction before the tardy bell rings for each class. Following the tardy bell, students who are not in class must report to the front office for a tardy pass if they tardy to first period.  During the rest of the day teachers will mark student tardy in the PowerSchool Attendance System.   Only students with a Tardy Pass will be admitted after the tardy bell rings for first period.

Tardies will be recorded as unexcused unless an excuse can be verified by staff. Tardies will result in the following penalties:

All students must report to the office when tardy to first period and to class the rest of the day. Teachers will mark students tardy who are late to 2nd period, 3rd period, and 4th period.  If a student is tardy twice in third period on Cougar Time days (Once before class and once after lunch), then the teacher will  mark them tardy one time in Power School and write it up as a minor incident in Educator Handbook for the second tardy of the period.   

1st/2nd Tardy:  Warning from an administrator in the front office (1st period) and the teacher in the classroom (all periods).

3rd Tardy:  Warning from an administrator in the front office (1st period) and the teacher in the classroom (all periods). The teacher will contact the parent on the third tardy by phone.  

4th/5th Tardy:  Warning from an administrator in the front office (1st period) and the teacher in the classroom (all periods). The teacher will submit a discipline referral to the administration and 1 day ASD with administration.  The administration will contact the parent.  

6th/7th Tardy:  Warning from an administrator in the front office (1st period) and the teacher in the classroom (all periods). The teacher will submit a discipline referral to the administration and 2 days ASD with administration.  The administration will contact the parent. 

8th Tardy: Warning from an administrator in the front office (1st period) and the teacher in the classroom (all periods).The teacher will submit a discipline referral to the administration and 3 days ASD. The administration will set up a parent conference, create a written plan, and possible additional consequences.

Course Summary:

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