Course Syllabus

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Honors Marine Science is a survey course that explores the basics of oceanography, marine biology and marine ecosystems.

Classroom expectations- Students are expected to log on during their designated class time for direct instruction from Mrs. McCloskey.  This will be a minimum of 30 minutes, but will vary depending on the day.  Assignments may be completed outside of class time, but must be submitted by the due date in the Canvas Calendar.  

Grades- grades are calculated by total points.

Late work policy- Late work will be awarded 70% credit if turned in within one week.  Anything over one week late will be assessed on a case by case basis with Mrs. McCloskey.

Attendance/signing on policy- Attendance will be taken daily, both in person and virtually. Students are expected to sign on within the first ten minutes of class and should remain logged in until directed to transition independent work by Mrs. McCloskey.

Virtual class- we are all learning to navigate this new normal together.  Please be patient, it can be frustrating to shift our mindset but remember we are in this TOGETHER!

Contact info- see my teacher information page by clicking here. 

Course Summary:

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